Ring Bag Necessities

By Vyla Carter

There isn’t always time to go back to the barn before a round at a horse show, so prepare a ring bag to have with you at the ring. You never want to be rushing back to the barn before a round because you forgot something, so I’ve made a list of what to keep in your ring bag so you never forget anything back at the barn again.

Helmet, hairnets, and hair ties– helmet is mandatory as is a tidy look in the competition ring.

Hat– baseball hats or sun hats are a nice thing to have to protect your face from the sun. They also come in handy to cover up helmet hair!

Crop and spurs– even if you don’t use these aids for your horse, it’s always reassuring to know they are their in case you need them.

Show gloves– a uniform part of the hunter rider look, and they protect your hands from blisters.

Show number– you can’t go in the show ring without it!

Sunscreen– to protect your face and any other part of your body not covered by clothes from the harsh sun on summer days.

Reusable water bottle– keeping yourself hydrated is key to a good show day. Using a reusable bottle prevents your from having to buy bottled water at the show and also reduces waste.

Boot polish and a rag– no matter how hard you try to keep them clean, your boots will get dirty! Keep your favorite boot polish and a rag in your bag so you can clean your boots before entering the ring.

Extra socks– you might step in a puddle or accidentally spray yourself in the wash rack, and walking around with wet feet is no fun.

Charger– if your phone dies you don’t want to be without it. I also recommend investing in a portable charger so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet.

Treats– to spoil your pony after a perfect round!

Cash– some show vendors don’t take credit, so if you want to grab some food in between rounds cash is a must.

Camera– if you’re like me and enjoy taking pictures around the show, a camera is a necessity. If it’s in your ring bag your parents always have the option to take photos or videos with it while you compete.