The Plaid Horse Magazine Welcomes New Interns


Canton, NY – June 5, 2017 – A successful magazine is not built by one person, but requires dedication and hard work from a team of highly qualified individuals with a passion for journalism and the sport of horseback riding. In order to help educate young individuals within our sport who have this passion, The Plaid Horse Magazine released an extensive intern application in late April. From those who applied, we selected several to proceed as interns for 2017. This select group of interns will dive into the horse industry by reporting on, writing, and photographing horse shows across the nation.


Name, Age, Location, Trainer

Returning Interns:

Jordan Cobb, 16, Austin, TX, Donna Cheney

Amy Coretz, 19, Tulsa, OK, Libby Barrow and Mindy Coretz

Izzy Feinstein, 16, Westfield, NJ, Bethie and Libby Dayton

Olivia Ferro, 15, South Hadley, MA, Linda Evans and Kim Ferro

Estelle Kraft, 16, Solana Beach, CA, Leah Von Henkle

Katie Lenkart, 15, Delano, MN, Renee Lenkart, Scott Lenkart, and Courtney Calcagnini

Emy Lucibello, 13, Naperville, IL, Lynn Jayne

Irene Powlick, 16, Salt Lake City, UT, Michael Knight

Grace Salmon, 19, Wilsonville, OR, Kendall and Nicole Bourgeois


New Interns for 2017:

Lauren Aubert, 15, Saint Helena, CA, Beverly Jovais

Annie Birmingham, 16, Floral Park, NY, Stephanie Proffe

Vyla Carter, 17, Indianapolis, IN, Sandra Dalman and Patty Kent

Emmy Dolin, 14, Lisle, IL, John and Tracey Berkos

Samantha Duray, 13, Colorado Springs, CO, Karen Useman-Patton

Lucy Minatree, 15, Jacksonville, FL, Jamie Reinheimer

Erica O’Neil, 13, Lake Forest, IL, Lorrie Canady

Lexi Perry, 14, Chicopee, MA, Deborah Bakoledis

Katie Scanlan, 14, Huntington Beach, CA, Tracy Burroughs

Ashley Shaw, 16, St. Louis, MI, Shannon Hicks

Tori Weed, 15, Arvada, CO, Karen Banister