The 8 Types of Hunter Jumper Trainers

By Averill Pessin

The Battle Ax

Loud, brash and unapologetic, you’ll always know when the Battle Ax has a client in the ring.  She holds up the order, is the loudest ringside and is the undisputed queen of the in-gate.

The Kindergarten Teacher

The Kindergarten Teacher rules with a soft voice and a velvet fist. In her world, everything is fine, everything is going to be fine and everything you do is beautiful, you perfect cutey-pie baby widdle muffin.

The Princess

The Princess is perfectly coiffed, flawlessly attired and you never see her sweat. Her poise is legendary and her all-weather beauty is a mystery.

The Hunk

So good looking, we don’t even care if he doesn’t say a word, as long as he shows up at the ring. The Hunk is a favorite among pony moms and has a captain of the football team bromance with all the dads. He’d fist bump your horse, if he could.

The Regina George

The #SquadGoals trainer. You have no clue why you should ride with her, but all the cool kids do, so they must know something you don’t. Get in, loser, we’re going pony shopping.

The Relic

Older than arena dust, the Relic is both feared and revered by everyone at the showpark. Stewards and show officials are brought to their knees, with one wag of the Relic’s finger.

The Import

The only way is the European way. You’d better learn to speak Dutch quickly, or your training dollars are going to waste.  A snap between the shoulder blades with a crop is your only sign you did a good job.

The Cowboy

We have no clue how this dude ended up at our horse show but he’s sure fun to hang out with. He walks with a swagger, trains horses like an old-school cattle rancher and talks with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth.


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