TPH Review: Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth


By Betsy Kelley | Above photo by Allison Wallace/Platinum Images

Ergonomic girths; does my horse need one? Are they just a fad, or are they the newest innovation in equine comfort? This has been a common question as Total Saddle Fit becomes a household name, thanks to the power of Social Media.

The Total Saddle Fit brand has been growing steadily, and their product line along with them. They now offer Hunter, Dressage, and Western girths as well as half pads to help improve your saddle fit, and increase your horse’s comfort level. I am always looking for the best way to keep my mare sound and happy, so I jumped at the chance to try one on her.

First Impression

The hunter girth was a little wider than I was accustomed to, but once I put it on my horse it looked tidy and fit well. The materials are high quality, and I was very pleased with the overall look and feel of this girth. The team at Total Saddle Fit were sure to make this girth as dummy proof as possible, including a diagram in the box reminding you how to put the girth on properly since it’s a little counter intuitive at first. I was pleased that they considered this when shipping it out – otherwise I would have been nervously googling while tacking up.

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I love this girth. I have been fretting about finding a good girth for a while now, and have one of those uber-sensitive horses who can’t do Neoprene, somehow managed to get a girth rub from fleece, and just seems generally unhappy in a plain ole’ leather girth. This girth is made from great materials, and has just enough padding to make it extra comfy.

To be completely honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I saw a difference in my mare. She is not one to work through any kind of discomfort, and will let you know in no uncertain terms  if she doesn’t like something. We had been playing the princess and the pea game, trying to find just that right tack combination that would allow her to carry herself comfortably and move to the best of her potential, and with the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth, it felt like the last piece had finally fallen into place. She was less cranky about having her girth tightened, more willing to move forward under saddle, and her saddle was finally sitting (and staying) even.


I’ll admit it – I’m a little bit obsessed with this girth. I get asked about it constantly when I’m out riding, and it’s a lot of fun to chat about with people who have their own. I feel like we have our own secret club, only our meetings take place in the warm up ring. The best part about our super-secret-club? Anyone can join! Just head over to and get your Shoulder Relief Girth in Hunter, Dressage or Western!

By Betsy Kelley – Web Director, The Plaid Horse

Betsy is a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Photographer from Washington state. She is a self described Tech Nerd who is constantly seeking new platforms to explore, with a special focus on digital design and web marketing. She grew up in the equestrian community, spending time working on breeding farms, in vet clinics, and at training barns. (Photo by Cat McKenna Design & Photography.)

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