12 Apps the TPH Interns Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s no doubt that today’s Millennials are more tech-savvy than any generation before. And while some might argue that the younger generations’ love of their smartphone devices might reach obsessive levels, it’s hard not to be amazed by all that you can do with the wide range of phone apps. If you haven’t heard of these of these apps, the TPH Intern Team swears by them and strongly suggests you click below to check them out!

1. VSCO Cam

One of my favorite apps to use is VSCO Cam, simply known as VSCO. It acts as a personal portfolio plus an editing app, where you can upload photos on your profile page and other people that follow you can view them, add them to their collection, or favorite them. Most known for having every filter under the sun readily accessible, VSCO comes with an abundance of ones already installed for you, however buying additional ones is highly recommended! You can apply a filter to a photo to upload in-app or or you can post the finished product in another app, like Instagram. I edit many of my equestrian photos with this app. My favorite filters to use are C1, C3, and 04! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices. 

– TPH Intern Lauren Aubert

2. Nike + Run Club

I run Cross Country and Track for my high school, so tracking my miles with the app is a must. If you do not run, it can track hikes, walks, even your workouts on horseback! It gives your pace, heart rate, and elapsed time during and at the end of a session At the end of a workout, it feeds you inspirational quotes, and the layout is simple yet interactive. The app is available on iOS and Android, and is can great to use on an Apple Watch if you do not want to carry a phone with you. It also features a Sunday 5k option, encouraging everyone to go out and log a run or walk during the weekend. If you are looking for an app to track your workouts, this one does it all! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices. 

– TPH Intern Lauren Aubert

3. Hipstamatic

A photo taken by Emy Lucibello at Winter Equestrian Festival through Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic is a great app for editing your photos. You can pick from a variety of filters to edit your existing photos or you can choose a retro camera to take a picture through the app. If your photo doesn’t look good with any existing filter, you can customize filters and create new filters! Furthermore, all the photos you take or edit immediately sync with your camera roll. Hipstamatic is easy to function and offers tons of different filters that aren’t available in the camera roll options. Although it does cost money in the Apple Store, it is totally worth it! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for your iPhone. 

– TPH Intern Emy Lucibello

4. The Horse Radio Network

The Horse Radio Network app is an easy, convenient, and free way to listen to all of your favorite horse podcasts, like my favorite The Pladicast! I especially like this app because it updates right away when new episodes have been released so I don’t have to worry about being out of the loop! I also like how fast episodes download or stream, and that when they are downloaded I can listen to them while not connected to the internet, which makes it super nice for long car rides or plane flights. I definitely recommend downloading this app if you’re a fan of podcasts, it makes things so much easier! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices. 

– TPH Intern Mackenzie Shuman

5. Starbucks

I love using the Starbucks App! It is super convenient and saves SO much time when I am running late on my way to a lesson or want to quickly grab drinks for my barnmates on my way to a show! It cuts the amount of time you spend ordering in half, allows you to pay right from your phone, and when you arrive at the store you can just run in and pick up your order! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices. 

– TPH Intern Izzy Feinstein

6. Snapchat

When I can’t make it to a horse show I love being able to watch my friends’ stories using the Snapchat app and feel as if I’m there with them! I can stay updated on what is happening, even if I can’t be there! I also enjoy taking over the Plaid Horse Magazine Snapchat story to update everyone from my barn, shows, clinics, etc. CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices. 

– TPH Intern Izzy Feinstein

7. Waze

Waze is a GPS app that I use a lot when at horse shows or on road trips to shows. Waze is great becacuse it reroutes you if there is traffic. Using Waze has saved me many times from being stuck in large traffic jams. If there is no way around the traffic and you will be stuck on the road for a bit, Waze will show you how long the traffic goes on for and what speed the traffic is moving at. On the app, you can also report hazards on the road, police, gas prices, etc and see what other people have reported. I would highly recommend this GPS app to anyone spending lots of time on the road. CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices.

– TPH Intern Amy Coretz

8. Afterlight

I use Afterlight often for a quick edit on a photo before posting on social media. It is easy to use and in my opinion is quite effective in making edits. You can choose a preset filter or you can make your own edits. I use Afterlight over Instagram’s filter options as I feel Afterlight has more options when editing photos. Afterlight is a great app for anything from an iPhone photo to a high-quality image taken from a camera. CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices.

– TPH Intern Amy Coretz

9. Nextdoor

So it’s the summer, it’s time to go to the beach and spend endless hours at the barn but what if you want to make a little money to put towards that new pair of Parlanti tall boots? Nextdoor is the app for you! Nextdoor is basically a social networking app for the people of your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods! This app is fantastic to find babysitting jobs, pet sitting jobs or even a great place to sell things. I love this app because it allows me to find ways to support my riding habit! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices.

– TPH Intern Estelle Kraft

10. Podcasts 

It’s already downloaded to your Iphone and so simple to use. Any podcast you can think of, including The Plaidcast, can be found on here. This app is great for traveling on long car rides or flights, you can download endless amounts of podcast to listen to that make traveling or any other activity so much more enjoyable! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS devices.

–  TPH Intern Vyla Carter


11. Enlight

When it comes to photography, there’s lots of money involved. If you’re someone who’s on a tight budget, or you just don’t want to invest in something like photoshop quite yet, I have good news for you! Enlight, a smartphone app, can be your new editing buddy. At just $3.99, Enlight offers so much for photographers when it comes to editing. You can do anything from cropping and adjusting your photo, to using a drawing function to create black backgrounds. The app is like photoshop for those on a budget, just modified to fit on your smartphone. Enlight is a great app for photographers, whether you’re just getting started with photography, or well into the photography world. CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices.

– TPH Intern Sammie Duray

12. All Ears Selfie

One of my favorite apps to use is “All Ears Selfie”.  All Ears lets you choose from many fun sounds to use to get your pony to put its ears forward when you are either using the front or back cameras of your phone. All of the sounds are actual recordings of noises a horse might find interesting, like whinnies, mint wrapper crinkles and carrot crunches. All Ears comes in 2 versions: The Selfie version is $2.99 USD and the Pro is $9.99 USD. Both apps offer in-camera sound features and horse themed stickers! All Ears Pro was created by an equine photographer to use during photo sessions but it is also great for posts for fun or for social media influencers trying to get awesome pics. I have tried both versions and have used them on my horses, dog, bunny and friends. It makes everyone laugh and really does get those pony ears perky! CLICK HERE to learn more and download for iOS and Android devices.

– TPH Brand Ambassador Eden Pessin