Podcast Review: Be Sheroic

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By TPH Digital Media Director Stephanie Roloff

Growing up I had always been very active, playing sports all throughout school and never consciously making an effort to live a healthy life, I just did it automatically. Entering college, my energy level and time for exercising all decreased while stress-eating increased. Going to the gym often sounded taxing, but working out conveniently to a Youtube video in my own room or at home with friends was always harder to argue against. While I secretly wished I could look like the majority of fitness instructors I was seeing on Youtube, their extreme body types often felt unattainable, especially when they flawlessly managed to do burpees and pushups without breaking a sweat.      

When I came across fitness trainer Cassey Ho and her Blogilates community it was a game-changer. Here was a very fit young woman without razor-defined abs, who focused on body positivity and self acceptance rather than weight loss and calorie counting. Starting in 2009, Cassey was a Pilates trainer teaching classes in L.A. She occasionally posted videos online for students who weren’t able to attend her classes. Fast forward to today, and Cassey is the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube with over 300 million video views and 3 million subscribers. She created the wellness-brand, Blogilates, which has branched out to an active wear line, several books, an army of social media followers and much more. Cassey’s latest project is a foray into the world of podcasts with Be Sheroic, which she co-hosts with Lisa Bilyeu, founder of the health food company, Quest Nutrition. I admit the name of the podcast and background music in the show can be a little corny and reminiscent of Disney Channel’s early 2000’s hit TV shows. Yet, the topics discussed in this episode are not light and speak to the hearts of many.

While there are only three episodes so far in this weekly podcast series, I am already hooked and so glad Cassey and Lisa took on this project to talk about these difficult and often taboo subjects. This podcast is focused on women, but open really to anyone struggling with body image, self acceptance and becoming their best self. These are topics Cassey has been open about in her blogs, social media posts and YouTube videos, but it’s fascinating to hear more of her back story as she discusses how she went from struggling to feel confident as an overweight child to now being the CEO of a world-renown wellness brand that teaches her signature pilates moves in major gyms across the U.S.


The topics in this show that have most captured my attention are Cassey and Lisa talking about how to keep thick skin in the business world while still staying genuine in Episode 1. Another deals with the importance of letting go of negative people in your life while showing gratitude to those who have been true friends in Episode 3.

For anyone seeking a new workout routine that can really help you focus on strength and body positivity, I would highly suggest Cassey’s Blogilates website that can direct you to an array of workout videos, meal plans and so much more. And especially if you’re seeking tips on how to live an overall healthier, happier life, Be Sheroic is worth a listen. CLICK HERE to listen to Be Sheroic and learn how to subscribe and download episodes to your phone!

Cassey’s most viral video with over 11 million views, which reflects on the effects of body-shaming and online bullying.

For more podcast suggestions read 10 Podcasts Piper Listens to On the Road!


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By Stephanie Roloff – Director of Digital Media, The Plaid Horse

Stephanie Roloff graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and PR Management. Aside from her social media prowess, she has a strong background in journalism, working as both a writer and editor in her time at WWU.  She has a passion for volunteering and non profits, and has spent extensive time volunteering with the YWCA of Washington, her most recent focus being PR and organization for the 23rd annual Women of Achievement Gala.