Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager Contest Winner, Liz Fogleman of Finally Farm, Puts Supplements to Work for Healthy Horses


Wellington, FL – June 23, 2017 – Behind every horse show trophy is an unseen champion: the barn manager whose care and attention brings out the best in horses. Equine supplement company Omega Alpha is proud to recognize outstanding barn managers through the Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager contest. The company rewards contest winners with generous prizes, including Omega Alpha all-natural equine health supplements. Liz Fogleman of Finally Farm was named the winner of the most recent Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager contest, held during the 2017 Winter Equestrian Festival. She has since had two months to put her prize supplements to use, and is finding them to be a valuable tool in keeping a stable full of healthy, fit horses.


Fogleman has worked with well-known riders Liza Boyd and Jack Towell to manage their Finally Farm and its 15 horses for the last seven years. Boyd nominated Fogleman for the Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager contest, and her description of Fogleman’s reliability and dedication to the farm’s horses grabbed Omega Alpha’s attention.


“I was super surprised and excited to learn I was receiving the award. There were so many great barn managers to choose from at WEF,” says Fogleman. “I love watching horses and riders learn and improve and, as a result, do better at the shows.” To Fogleman, there is no task too big or too small that isn’t worth doing to receive the reward of seeing horses and riders improving and happy. Omega Alpha rewarded that attitude with a Best Barn Manager prize of a customized bit box, a generous gift card to Fogleman’s favorite restaurant, and $1,000 worth of Omega Alpha products of her choice.


Fogleman chose several Omega Alpha products, and has found her favorites to be AntiFlam, Chill Ultra, Equisel-BCAA, Gastra-FX Ultra, RegenerEQ, Sinew-X Plus, and Tetda Liniment. Two of her own horses, Sawyer and Margot, are at Finally Farm, so Fogleman uses the health supplements for them as well as the other horses in the barn.

Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager contest winner, Liz Fogleman of Finally Farm, has had great success in using her Omega Alpha prize supplements (Photo courtesy of Liz Fogleman)

“I love the Omega Alpha RegenerEQ. We give it to all the hunters and jumpers that seem nervous or stressed in a show environment. We’ve really seen a tremendous difference since giving this product for stomach and ulcer-type issues,” she says.


She’s also enthusiastic about Omega Alpha Tetda Liniment. “I really like how I can use it on all the horses in our barn. Sensitive horses don’t breakout or get irritated with it, even when used under wraps, and their legs look great in the morning.” For a horse that came into her care with hooves in very poor condition, she’s seen the benefits of AntiFlam firsthand. “His feet seem to be improving, and his overall soundness and comfort level are better.”

For young or green horses that get nervous and overly excited in the show ring, she uses all-natural Chill Ultra. “It seems to help them take a breath and relax,” Fogleman explains. Equisel-BCAA, which promotes the repair of muscles post-exercise and also replenishes minerals lost through sweat, has been useful for Finally Farm, as well. “I really think it helped a young horse recover better after his first day of showing and helped him put in a better effort on Day Two!” Fogleman also uses Gastra-FX Ultra to soothe and promote a healthy gut. “For green horses that get worried, it seems to help them relax and do a better job.”


For an older horse, she chooses Sinew-X Plus to keep the veteran campaigner remain “comfortable and sharp, despite a heavy show schedule. I think it’s helping because he continues to perform at the top of his game!”


With a busy Finally Farm schedule ahead, this Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager will be sure to keep her favorite equine health products within reach throughout the year. “We next have the Atlanta Summer Classic, Charleston Summer Classic, and Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show leading up to the Kentucky Bluegrass Festival, where we hope to have horses competing in the USHJA International Derby Finals and Green Hunter Incentive Finals,” Fogleman plans.


Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc. understands that a horse’s success in the ring reflects the quality of care it gets backstage. The company is proud to shine a spotlight on Best Barn Managers like Liz Fogelman of Finally Farm. Based in Toronto, Canada, Omega Alpha has been developing all-natural equine products through research-based science for over 20 years, specializing in natural formulations for enhancing equine health and performance. Learn more at, or call 1-800-651-3172.

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