TV Show Review: Cyrus vs. Cyrus- Design & Conquer

By TPH Digital Media Director Stephanie Roloff

You’ve seen her in The Plaid Horse modeling the latest Equestrian looks and her favorite TPH gear. Now Brandi Cyrus is showcasing her other passion: interior decorating. Bravo’s new TV show, “Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design & Conquer” has Brandi teaming up with (and competing against) her mom, Tish Cyrus. The star-studded family affair features the Cyruses pitching competing home design ideas to families needing an update to their Nashville homes.

I love drooling over the latest home design ideas on Pinterest or House Hunters, and couldn’t wait to watch this show! With only six episodes in this first season (which originally aired in May) I flew through each episode, anxiously waiting to see the client’s faces as they were revealed the Cyrus’ crazy designs. 

My favorite parts of the show were seeing how creative the Cyrus’ design pitches were. Some of the unconventional patterns and materials you think could never work together, but the finished design was always executed flawlessly.

It was interesting to see more of the Cyrus family background as well. Many people recognize the Cyrus name and might think of famous musical artists Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, but it was great to see the strong bond this family clearly has even when each of them is traveling all over the country.

If you’re expecting to see Brandi or her mom drilling in screws or plastering walls, don’t get your hopes up. They are the interior designers, whose job is to conceive the design image and then help guide the contractors to producing the final image they envisioned. There are a few shots of Tish and Brandi breaking down walls and painting, but for the most part, they are out shopping looking for the finishing accessories for each room or debating over sofa materials.

It was fun to see the variety of clients they designed for, from a family of five needing chic but kid-friendly decor, to a teenage son and mother with clashing styles, and a newlywed couple needing to make the most out of their small first home together.

This show will give you an odd desire to shop at your local antique store for mid-century light bulbs, but you’ll soon be adding pink doors and tiled fireplaces to your list of design projects after watching this fun new show. And you can watch it while away from home.

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