Hearts for Horses: Treats for a Cause

By Mackenzie Shuman


William Baezler is an 11 year old kid who struggles with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disorder that impairs an individual’s ability to read, write, and sometimes communicate effectively. Kids like William face adversity in academics, and often are placed in special academic programs separate from their friends to help them learn. Dyslexics are sometimes bullied because of their impairments, causing them to have a negative outlook on their disorder.


Young William is an exception. Though his dyslexia has been a challenge in his life, he has turned his disability into something positive for himself and others by giving back to his community. William has grown up riding, and has found that it to be very beneficial by keeping him positive and mentally focused on the demanding sport. When it came time for William to get a horse of his own, he opted out of buying one, and instead chose to rescue a small Mustang pony named Sage.

William and his Pony, Sage.

As a result of the experience of rescuing Sage, William’s passion for riding grew. Sage provided an escape from his disorder, as she loved him no matter what. William looked for a way to thank his pony beyond just hugs and kisses. Realizing how much she loved the treats he would give her, he decided to mix her favorite foods together into one delicious snack for her.


Through careful research and taste testing, William hand selected the finest and most loved ingredients that horses crave, including oats, peppermint, carrots, molasses, apples, flour, honey, bananas and other natural, heart healthy vitamin rich ingredients. He began to mix and blend until he came up with a soft, chewy, rich, heart-shaped cookie. When he brought these cookies to the barn to feed to his pony, other riders began to ask William to make batches for them. Soon, William was at local horse shows handing out free samples of his delicious cookies.


From the kitchen table to national sales in months, Hearts for Horses has become a booming business for the young businessman. Through his experience selling to other people, William met several kids with Dyslexia and began to talk to them. He encouraged them to focus on their strengths and skill sets, rather than their disabilities. Everyone who talked to William became inspired to see the good in themselves, and the good in others.


When you purchase a bag of Hearts for Horses, you are purchasing not only the purest and healthiest ingredients for your horse to enjoy, but you are also helping horses rescued from slaughter, like Sage. Hearts for Horses donates their profits to feed, bathe, and provide loving homes for the rescued horses and ponies.

Though countless dollars have already been donated to the rescue horses in need, Hearts for Horses is also working to spread the word that horses have incredible therapeutic benefits to kids with Dyslexia and other learning disorders. Hippotherapy utilizes the horse’s movement to help numerous disorders such as autism, cerebral palsy, social and communication delays. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy is used to treat behavioral issues, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, communication disorders, and many other impairments.  Horses clearly have become key components in therapy. One of Hearts for Horses missions is to increase awareness of the benefit of horses for those who struggle with disorders and disabilities.


William’s immediate connection with his pony Sage has given him an outlet where he has made friends and transcended his disability. Through his horse treat business, Hearts for Horses, he hopes to inspire philanthropy and awareness about the therapeutic potential in horses.

To order your own bag of cookies and learn more about what Hearts For Horses does, click here.

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