Our Wonderful Horse Show Dogs


By Tori Weed

Wagging tails with good cheer to match, putting smiles on human faces during seemingly endless days. A dog at a horse show is as refreshing as ice water on a hot summer day.

Anyone who has ever been to a horse show has seen all of the cuteness running around in the form of horse show dogs. The thing is these dogs are special; they’re not just any dogs, they’re horse show dogs. That’s prestigious title because with a lot to live up to.

Of course they have to be good, there’s no doubt about that. There are too many big horses, sassy ponies, stressed people, energetic kids, not to mention the golf carts, mini dirt bikes, and trailers. But there are more expectations than just being well behaved.

This list includes being calm and collected because most likely the owner is not – they’re too busy freaking out over their next course. They have to be quiet – we can’t have barking dogs to stress the riders and horses. They have to be smart and know not to go walking under a horse, and the list goes on.

The silly Athena and her sweet owner Sydd Matteson.


And, most importantly, they have to be cute. Now I’m not making dog beauty standards, they can be tiny, fluffy, hairless, tall, fat, fit, have a snarled tooth, floppy ears, one ear that stands up and one that falls, short tail, long tongue, etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the owner for whom the show dog is a tremendous support.

The thing is these dogs are special. They love to meet everyone at the horse show and be their friends. These dogs are typically well known at the show. As you walk around you will hear people talk in their cutest baby voices at these friends. For example, at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado you’ll commonly hear, “Aww Dexter”, “Athena!”, “The cutest Yeti!”. These are just a few of the stars of Colorado’s horse show dogs.

These dogs are a big part of horse shows and without them it just wouldn’t be the same. They’re good, quiet, calm, well behaved, cuddlers, stress relievers, cute, and more! That’s because they’re horse show dogs.

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