Butet Practice

By TPH Brand Ambassador Eden Pessin

I’m the kid who horse shows in the Butet Practice saddle…

Earlier in the year, my trainer and I were working on my balance and making my posture more correct, so she offered me her Butet Practice saddle to try.

The Practice saddle by Butet is a training saddle with a modified flap. It is endorsed by George Morris as a good training tool to use to improve your riding. But I even show in mine!

The Practice saddle is designed to take away most of the artificial support of a regular saddle, so you can develop your own balance better.

It was hard work riding in it, at first, but it got easier fairly quickly.  For several weeks, I used it on everything I rode.  My leg position got longer and stronger and my balance improved a lot.

Without the knee rolls or blocks, my leg position got naturally more solid. I sat up better, stopped leaning to the side on the flat and pitched less to the right over fences. And my core got a LOT stronger.

I liked it so much my trainer asked Alan Le Louedec from Butet Canada to come talk to me and soon after that I had my very own Butet Practice!

I had an accident in March and broke my collar bone and was off for 5 weeks. I did nothing but sit on the couch. When I was able to ride again, it was only 2 weeks until show season and I had to get my fitness level back fast!

I was really glad for the work I had put in on the Practice saddle because my comeback time was quick.

This season, I have shown in the .9m Junior Jumpers on the Ontario A circuit. I show in the Practice saddle almost exclusively – I have only done one class so far in a regular saddle!

One of the things I didn’t expect was how beneficial the close contact is when Rookie and I are in the show ring.  Rookie is 19, so we don’t ever want to fry him with just going fast. Our strategy is to ride a smart track with good turns. Because there is very little between my leg and Rookie, the Practice saddle helps us communicate better.  We are at the top of our division with great times because our turns are getting awesome.

I do have a regular Butet Premium flat seat that I also ride in (and love!) but I probably reach for my Practice about 90% of the time.

I think the Butet Practice is a really good investment for riders who want to improve their leg strength and balance (that’s everyone!)