Get to Know the Klemm Ponies

By Izzy Feinstein

At horse shows all across the country, beautifully turned out and perfectly trained ponies enter the show ring with their pint-sized riders. As parents and trainers watch nervously, a “mom” to some of the circuit’s most renowned ponies does as well. Dr. Piper Klemm can often be found ringside watching her adorable ponies packing children around courses of jumps or strutting their stuff in the under-saddle. Get to know the ponies that are loved so much by Piper!

Brighton Boast A Bit, affectionately known as Posey in the barn, was the pony that started it all. When Piper was 12 years old, she and her family purchased Posey, an unbroken 2 year old large pony. Posey is now 19 years old, and has taken numerous riders from the walk/trot divisions through the large pony hunters. Throughout her career, Posey has won many impressive awards such as 2014 SBCRC Stirrup Medal Finals, 2010 West Coast Pony Finals, 2011 NorCal Medal Finals Large Pony Hunter Champion, and over 100 tricolors.

Brighton Boast A Bit and Dr. Piper Klemm

Brighton Precisely, endearingly known as Bunny, is a 12 year old medium pony hunter who is closely related to Brighton Boast A Bit. Piper purchased her as a young prospect in 2013, and sent her to Sugarbrook Farm in Florida to be bred to Sugarbrook Blue Pacific. In 2014, Sugarbrook Positron Blue was born.

Brighton Precisely

Europium, lovingly known as Roesy in the barn, is a 10 year old medium pony hunter. Roesy has taught riders in the lead line through the medium pony hunters. Roesy has earned tricolors at prestigious shows such as the Blenheim Horse Show Series and HITS Coachella Desert Circuit, with her impressive show record growing each year.

Europium and Anya Bereznicki in the Pony Equitation at HITS Thermal. Photo by Dr. Piper Klemm.

Ice Cream Pancake is a 9 year old large pony hunter. Ice Cream Pancake has already proved to be a winner in the show ring, ribboning in the large green and large regular pony hunters this season. Additionally, a pair of Dreamers & Schemers socks have been inspired by her name!

Ice Cream Pancake and Lexi Miller on course in the Large Green Pony Hunters. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.

Masterpiece Theater, also known as Lily, is a 17 year old small pony hunter. Piper purchased Lily from her friend Kerin Benson as an established division pony. With numerous tricolors in the leadline, walk/trot, short stirrup, children’s hunter, and small pony hunter divisions, Lily has years of experience to offer any rider.

Masterpiece Theater and Denim Welhouse on course. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Stonewall Black Pearl, or Luna in the barn, is an 11 year old small pony hunter. Piper also purchased Luna from Kerin Benson as an established division pony. From the leadline division to the small pony hunters, Luna has safely packed numerous young riders around the show ring, and continues to do so today.

Stonewall Black Pearl and Emma Rupinski showing in the Small Pony Hunters. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Sugarbrook Positron Blue, nicknamed Eagle, is a 3 year old stallion, and the only pony bred into Piper’s program. Piper bred her pony Brighton Precisely to Sugarbook Farm’s Sugarbrook Blue Pacific, and ended up with Eagle, who is already showing promise as a successful pony hunter. Eagle competed in the 3 year old hunter breeding division at the 2017 Devon Horse Show with Dr. Piper Klemm as his handler.

Sugarbrook Positron Blue and Dr. Piper Klemm at the 2017 Devon Horse Show.

Vermont Golden Graham, or Prince Charming, is an 8 year old medium pony hunter. Prince Charming already has countless championships in the medium green and medium regular pony hunter divisions, and his success will surely continue in the future.

Vermont Golden Graham and Bella Griffin showing in the medium ponies. Photo by Quintessence Photography.

Vermont Here’s The Gold, known in the barn as Prince Philip, is an 8 year old large pony hunter by the same sire as Vermont Golden Graham. Prince Philip has done it all, from the large pony hunters to the short stirrup. Prince Philip follows in the footsteps of the rest of Piper’s ponies as an honest, caring, and sweet pony who is completely kid (and amateur) proof.

Vermont Here’s The Gold and Lexi Miller showing in the Large Green Pony Hunters. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Vermont Maple Fox, fondly called Flapjack, is a 9 year old large pony hunter. Flapjack has started a successful career in the 2’ and 2’3” open hunters as well as the children’s pony equitation.

Vermont Maple Fox. Photo by Dr. Piper Klemm

Vermont Ruby Fox, adoringly known as Ruby, is a 10 year old medium pony hunter and full sister to Vermont Maple Fox. Ruby has a long and impressive show record, including multiple tricolors and the Betsy Fishback Memorial Trophy at the 2016 Pony Finals.

Vermont Ruby Fox strutting her stuff at Pony Finals 2016 with rider Anna Richardson. Photo by TPH Intern Emy Lucibello