Top Two Popular English Saddles


By Tori Weed

Two English saddles that are climbing the ranks as “must haves”

One of the most important pieces of equipment as an equestrian is the saddle. Though most English saddles can get the job done, there are a few that frequently stick out and make the job most comfortable. After researching the market, we found two gorgeous, comfortable, and technically correct English saddles that seem to be taking over the English world.

Voltaire Design

Voltaire Design saddles are “innovative and chic,” yet comfortable and made of high quality French leather. The brand emerged in 2010 in the French town Espelette, then brought their mission of innovation to the United States. Voltaire has been a sponsor of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida, as well as sponsoring  many top riders such as Beezie Madden, Hope Glynn, Patricia Griffith, and Ashley Bond. With a range of customizable styles, Voltaire Design saddles are not only technically correct in fit for the horses and riders, they are also attractive and a joy to ride in.


CWD saddles are comfortable and known for their effective technology that tailors perfectly to horse and rider. With many different models of the saddle and various pieces of  equipment to accompany, CWD has all of your tack needs. CWD tack is made of top quality French leather, and offers everything from saddles, bridles, halters, boots, and more. Founded in 1998, CWD Sellier is a reliable and very popular. CWD saddles have made many appearances at the Olympic games and 11% of today’s top 100 riders are equipped with CWD, such as Kent Farrington, McLain Ward, Todd Minikus, Georgina Bloomberg, and more.

These two saddle companies are among the most popular in the hunter and jumper community due their style, function, and reliability.

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