DIY Pony Rein Bracelet

By Vyla Carter

Inspired by a bracelet from a special place in my heart, a rein bracelet is a quick and easy DIY that is a different type of fashion statement and a keepsake or memory of a favorite horse or pony. We all have broken or unusable reins just sitting around, and this DIY gives a new purpose to them.

Materials needed:


Kitchen scissors (heavy duty)


Leather hole puncher


  1. Measure how long your bracelet will need to be to fit your wrist. Do this by wrapping the leather piece around your wrist once, then add 1.5 inches to the length. Mine measured out to be around 8 inches.

2. Using the scissors evenly cut the reins to the length measured.

3. On one end of the leather piece measure about ½ cms from the end. Under that piece punch about ½ inch down on each side, about ½ cms away from the edges. This end will be called the latch end.

4. On the other end mark about ½ cms from the end. On that point use the leather punchers to cut a hole in the middle of the bracelet. Continue cutting holes in a straight line down until it is long enough to fit the other end of the bracelet through. Depending on the thickness of the leather you may need to make the cutout wider. Continue punching small sections in the cutout until it is wide enough.

5. See if the end pieces fit through each other. You may need to trim the latch end if it makes the bracelet bulge when it goes through.

6. To put the bracelet on twist one end and fit it through the other, then twist is back so it is secure on your wrist.

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