Dreamers & Schemers Socks

By Mackenzie Shuman


Whether you’ve seen them around the showgrounds or on the Internet, Dreamers & Schemers Socks are an impressive sight. The fun, funky, and out-of-the-ordinary socks come in all kinds of designs and colors. From classic plaid to Ice Cream Pancakes to Purrrmaid, these unique boot socks are sure to leave any customer satisfied.


Dreamers & Schemers was started by Kristy Lake of Victoria, British Columbia in April of 2016 when solid colored boot socks were the only things available on the market. If there were any with designs, they were were flimsy and would wear out quickly. To fill this gap in the industry, Lake took inspiration from her surrounding environments with a creative spin and materials that will last for years to create her “Insta-famous” line of socks.


“I get inspired by everything,” Lake said, “customers, clothing stores, home decor magazines, my favorite snacks…literally everything! I could make five new socks a day!” Though, sadly, she does not make five new socks a day, Lake is constantly turning out new designs and sock innovations.


Her “Party on the Bottom” boot socks are outfitted with a special black top so when your boot slides down, the design is not visible. This ensures that, as boots sometimes do slide down during a show, your socks will not distract the judge in any way.


Also, Lake has ensured that the fabric she uses for her special socks is not only thin and lightweight, but also breathable, washable, and stretchable. No corners are cut in the process of making Dreamers & Schemers socks.


So what could possibly make Dreamers & Schemers socks any better? Perhaps that Lake also offers a line of completely customizable socks. These socks are perfect for teams, special events, or if you just want something of your own design printed on the socks. You give Lake the idea, she’ll give you beautiful socks.

With her ever-increasing popularity, Lake juggles demand for her product. “We are constantly in a state of adjusting to demand; the demand for D&S is growing every week, via new retail partners and direct sales on our website,” she said. However, she has not let this stop her. Enlisting a large scale printing facility in North America, Lake is confident that she can fulfill the increasing sales orders.


As the future just keeps getting brighter for Lake and Dreamers & Schemers socks, Lake continues to aspire to even greater things for her company. Her future plans include designing more socks, and perhaps broadening her horizons in a few other aspects of the business. Keep a lookout for these crazy fun socks and make sure to purchase a pair for yourself!


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