Rex Blankets & Stablewares: Quality for Less

By Alix Morrison    

I have been involved in the industry for 15 years, from walk/trot up to Pony Finals and Amateur Owner Hunters. I’ve done the schooling show circuits and also been champion across the country from HITS Ocala, Virginia Horse Park, and Del Mar International. I’ve put a saddle on horses for the first time and done first rides, and I’ve ridden horses that have competed at Maclay Finals and International Derby Finals. During my final year at school, my time was split going between the school’s equine center, a boarding barn where I kept horses, and an A show trainer where I kept horses.

While hunter/jumper is my main interest, I also own a young American Quarter Horse bred for ranch work. I love horse sports: three day eventing, fox hunting, IEA, vaulting, reining, cutting, gymkhana, dressage, trail, and Pony Club meets- as a volunteer, cheerleader and moral supporter, or participant. I enjoy exploring different parts of the industry, the varied jobs horses have, and the many methods of horse care.

In my personal quest to improve my knowledge of horsemanship, I attended Colorado State University which provides one of the best equine educations in the country. I graduated with a vast knowledge of the science of taking care of horses. USHJA’s Horsemanship Quiz Challenge also built a great educational foundation for me through the rich information provided in its handbook. In 2016, I won the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge and graduated in spring of 2017! Suffice it to say, I have absorbed every bead of information available.


In 2016, an idea for a business endeavor was born. I had an impossible time fitting my two year old into off the rack blankets due to her growing and wonky body shape. A blanket either fit her front half or her back half-but never both. And, she had a run in shed off of her stall, so I needed something waterproof. I looked into getting her a custom blanket, but none of the companies made waterproof ones and even if they had, they were all too expensive. It was time to offer a better blanket in an affordable price range. So, I decided to make them myself. As I began to sew, I thought about tack room drapes. Both require custom work and can be prohibitively expensive. It was time to rock the marketplace.

I learned that tack room set ups at horse shows often have big discrepancies with price and quality. Armed with this information and a conviction that I could do better, I decided to start my own company, Rex Blankets and Stablewares. My mission is to produce a  high-quality product that people from many industries and price points can afford, with excellent customer service and accessibility. Design custom items or pick from our selection of standard items in an array of barn colors. We are open to all custom ideas and love to hear them. Visit