How to Wear One Scarf Five Ways

By Bethany Lee

I am just loving that scarfs and bandanas are back on trend! They are so classic, preppy, and chic. Red Scarf Equestrian sent me the most gorgeous scarf and I couldn’t even decide my favorite way to wear it; so I thought I would share 5 of my favorite ways to wear the same scarf!

First things first, this scarf is a 36″x36″ silk fabric. It is definitely on a larger scale than your typical square bandana or neck scarf, but I found that you could do so much more with it than a normal 12″x12″ bandana. So without further ado, here are 5 equestrian-inspired ways to wear a silk scarf, care of Red Scarf Equestrian.

no. 1 : scarf belt

With the help of Red Scarf Equestrian’s incredible Gidget, I transformed my scarf into a belt! How cute is that?! To do this, I folded the scarf multiple times diagonally, looped each end through the Gidget, and then tied it in place. The Gidget acts like a belt buckle and actually releases into two parts so if you needed to take it on and off during the day, you wouldn’t have to untie the entire belt! This scarf is also long enough to wear as a tied belt without the Gidget, but I think it added a whole new level of sophistication. If you take a closer look, the dee ring snaffle buckle makes this look all the more equestrian. Besides for this look, I would also style this belt on a simple, black dress and knee-high boots- perfect for fall!

no. 2 : neck scarf

This one is arguably the most common way to wear a silk bandana or scarf. My favorite thing about the Red Scarf Equestrian scarf worn this way is how it works with almost any neckline. Whether your top is collared, crew neck, boat neck, or off the shoulder, the simple knot neck scarf takes a very basic and maybe bland outfit and turns it into something intriguing. I felt like I needed a little convertible in the adorable streets of Savannah, Georgia with my neck scarf blowing in the winds! Because of the length,  I wrapped this particular scarf several times diagonally, and then started with it in the position as if I was going to tie it in back. Then I brought the ends back to the front and knotted it in the front. Finishing touch was a little shimmy of the knot to one side and that was all I did! I also think that even though the scarf was long, you could still simply knot it in front for even longer pieces hanging down.

no. 3 : add to a hat

Do you already own a plain straw or beach hat? I took this basic hat and turned it to a hat with whimsy and femininity. Simply fold the scarf in a triangle and then made several 1″ folds. Then wrap the scarf around the hat where the brim meets the hat and tied it in a knot toward the back. I felt like it is the perfect solution to a wild hair day, which many of my days are! It is also a great look for running around at a horse show or hanging out at the beach. I just love the simple elegance of the RSE scarfwrapped on a hat! I can’t wait to add it to a black felt floppy hat for the fall.

no. 4 : cowboy neck scarf

I never thought I could pull off this cowboy neck scarf, but when my mom showed me how her and her friends used to wear their scarves liked this in the 80s, I really thought it was fun! I especially liked how it balanced out my off the shoulder top so elegantly. It is really simple to do: Fold your scarf into a triangle, and then take the two ends of your triangle and tie a knot behind your head. Let the front fall and drape at a length that is comfortable, adjusting the knot if need be. I was especially obsessed with this style because of how well it showed off the gorgeous pattern! The geometric black and white patterns paired with the iconic horse and hound print is the epitome of class, and I love how RSE paired all of them together so effortlessly.

no. 5 : scarf headband

The final way I wanted to highlight today was the way I wore the RSE scarf around my head! There are dozens of ways you could wear this scarf as a headband, but I thought this way was really cute! Again, I folded my scarf into a triangle and then continued to fold several times until I had a long, 1″ strip. Then I put the scarf underneath my hair so that the ends were facing up and the middle of the scarf was under my hair. After that I knotted the scarf towards the top of my head and tucked in the loose ends under the part of the scarf that was already around my head. It was so easy and it looks effortless. I’ve also worn the Red Scarf Equestrian scarf this way with my hair in a top knot, a braid, and a high pony tail, and I it looked so feminine! It’s a wonderful upgrade from your basic headband and adds an accessory pop to your outfit.