Falling Into Transitions

By Kait Cruz

Feeling the ferocity of fall early this year? Not to worry! Transitions are easy with the right tools, making fummer the next best season for fashion.

Alas, the hints of summer fading have begun. Thankfully, the sweet autumn air is ready to sweep you up and take you away on rides far away! Dress for the crisp, misty mornings and mild to sweltering afternoons with versatility and functionality.

Making the transition into fall doesn’t have to be a tough step forward. During this awkward “fummer” time, make sure you are suiting up with creative looks. Start off with layers, as they are always the most ideal transitional pieces to a summer into fall wardrobe. For last year’s fall/winter collection, Cavalleria Toscana fashioned this handy, stylish all-purpose jacket that has easily become the staple in my wardrobe for the last year. From rain to bright sunshine, today’s look is bound to ease your summertime blues.

Dewy mornings of mucking and grooming call for a complete jacket, hood and all, to maintain your coffee manifested warmth. While being cozied up, the insulated lining and hand covers keep the nippy air at bay. The high collar, fluffed with a cotton twill, keeps your comfort level at its peak. Between runny noses and slobbery mouths, this jacket has a very unique “resistibility” to dirt, all while being irresistibly adorable. Here, the bright ROMFH periwinkle Isabella Full Seat Grip breeches act as a strong counter to the black Parlanti Field boots and the CT to layer. Captivation by contrast is a must for any stand out fall look–just add an extra colorful pair to prolong your memories of summer.

As the day carries on and the sun begins to peer through the clouds, unzip the hood and fold down the collar. Catch your first ride and maintain warmth without the cold front giving you a chill but, not so toasty that you have to shed the whole look. Make sure that you have all of your little accessories. Pair your custom American Equus “Quick X” English Spurs with your unique Mane Jane Spur Straps for an expression of style that is strictly you and secretly on point. Little details are always the most subtle and impactful of statements in a wardrobe.

Once the sun has finally warmed you up enough, remove your top layer CT sleeves with ease and openly rock your Adelaide UV show shirt, worry free of long-lasting stains. And while you’re at it, protect your Parlantis and slip on some sneakers to show off your super stylish Dreamers and Schemer socks. Choose the Avocado Love Party POTB socks for a super summery look or the Grey Kitty PB Sock for a cuddly, fall profile. Choose between Mane Jane belt in black for fall or flip it over for a traditional summer vibe of tan with blue. And before you settle in the arena to lunge some more ponies, pop on your RIATA custom hat to hold down your helmet hair and protect your neck that is now showing. All of the add ons and strip offs allow you to be overly prepared for any fummer day at hand.

Test it out! Layer, unzip, add-on, and show off your individualistic style. From nippy mornings to crispy afternoons back to chilly evenings, mix your ROOTD up with ease when needed with everything you are already wearing. Make your outfit, quite literally, comfort at its finest and seasons tailored to every hour of activity in the day!