TPH Product Review: Petsies


By Digital Media Director Stephanie Roloff

I used to have the freedom to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, for however long I wanted. I used to set food on the coffee table without guarding it like hawk. I used to sleep in on the weekends without being woken up by a pink slobbery tongue on my face at 6 A.M. Everything changes when you decide to call a furry, four-legged animal your pet, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

No one understands the infatuation we have for our fur babies better than Petsies. Petsies is a team of pet lovers on a mission to bring joy and comfort by creating custom stuffed animals. As a division and brand within Budsies, this South Florida based company launched in 2013 and has become the #1 custom plush manufacturer in the industry. They’ve created over 45,000 custom plushies and have been featured on The New York Times, Shark Tank and Buzzfeed. Petsies understands that the bond you create with your pet never leaves you, and wants their custom plushies to be a way for you to feel your pet’s love now and always.

As I started the ordering process to make my own plushie, I was skeptical of whether Petsies would be able to capture Milo in all his adorable puppy-like glory. The order form takes a few minutes, as they ask detailed questions about your pet’s appearance, ask you to upload pictures of your pet, and gives you options in the type of plushie you can choose to have replicated after your pet.

There are Huggables, which for $149 offer soft, polyester fur, custom noses, big adorable eyes, and airbrushing touch up for maximum cuteness. For a more realistic look-a-like I decided on the Forevers Plushie, which for $199 features premium, realistic polyester furs, specialty noses and eyes and full airbrushing to truly match your pet’s unique markings.

Once you order your Petsies, be patient for your pet replica to arrive, as it does take time to capture the beautiful one-of-a-kind qualities in your pet. When my order arrived, my partner-in-crime, Milo, was right by my side and very curious what this large brown box was doing at my door. I removed my new friend from his box, and dubbed the sweet little plushie Milito! Milo and Milito were instantly friends as Milo was very confused but interested in his little look-a-like. He turned his head from one side to the other trying to figure out why Milito was so quiet, and eventually I had to save Milito from his overly inquisitive big brother. Overall, I was very impressed by the charming look-a-like of my beloved puppy.

I applaud Petsies on their attention to detail in the photos and descriptions I sent of Milo and greatly appreciate the time and effort they clearly put into my order. Just like my silly pup, Milito has two giant perked up ears that almost look too big for his head. He sits proudly and tall just like my fearless protector. Milito has a long, strong tail, distinct eyebrows, and big brown eyes just like my dog. I was most pleased by the similarities to Milo’s diverse and beautiful markings that always keep people guessing on Milo’s breed.

I chose Milo at a Petco Rescue Dog Adoption event in March 2017, when he was still a skinny, shy puppy. With love, attention, and plenty of food and treats he quickly became rambunctious and energetic like most puppies. Yes, he may still show his affection by jumping all over you and licking every inch of your face. Yes, almost everything I own has dog hair on it now, but we pet-owners wouldn’t have it any other way. Petsies understands our need for an hour-long photo shoot of your pet every time they adorably fall asleep and why half of our paychecks go towards new toys and treats for our spoiled fur kids. Not only does Petsies get our obsession, they encourage it by creating soft, cuddly look-a-likes of our pets that we can keep forever. Go to shop for your Petsies plushie now!








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