The Fail-Proof Way to Sell Your Horse: Tips to Make Your Sale Horse Shine

By Averill Pessin

You have an equine superstar in your stable that is for sale.  But you’re not getting the response you want, posting on Facebook. Your ads get rejected or you get lowball offers from tire-kickers.

You have decided you want $10k for your beauty.  The secret to selling your horse AND getting your asking price, is to post an ad that increases the PERCEIVED value of your horse. Instead of posting an ad that makes $10k look fair, post an ad that makes it look like a DEAL.

Here are some tips:

  1. Up your photo game. Everything about your ad should be polished, especially your photos. A good sale ad has photos. A great sale ad has a lot of exceptional photos.  Be sure to include a head shot and a properly posed confirmation shot.  Crop humans out, where possible. Your prom dress photo shoot was stunning, but you want people to focus on the horse and not you. If you have noir background shots, those are always visually impactful and are currently on-trend.  We suggest investing in a professional photoshoot, if your horse is a 5-figure price range or higher. Professional photos will be well worth the investment.  The more polished your ad is, the more knowledgeable you look as an agent, and the more valuable your animal looks.
  2. Video. Everyone wants video.  Have it ready to post with your ad. Every minute someone waits for you to send a video link is a minute they are shopping other horses online. Make sure the rider is appropriately dressed, well-proportioned to the animal and doesn’t have any distracting riding quirks. Tack and attire should be tidy and discipline appropriate. Include longer clips, if you can. A trained eye will know a lot of short clips mean the video is heavily edited. Include full trips over fences for hunters and jumpers. Any pony can have one good fence. People will pay good money for one that nails a full trip. Edit out sound, if it is distracting. Adding music can sometimes be helpful. We once saw a sale video put to “You Had Me At Hello” that got us right in the feels. We bought the pony.
  3. Speak the language.  You are not applying to Harvard, but spelling and grammar are important. Everything about your ad should suggest that you are an educated horse person.  A well-written, knowledgeable description gives the impression you care about the animal and are confident in your description. Buyers will trust your assessment and valuation of an animal, if they believe you are a knowledgeable seller.
  4. Use all the tools! Epona Exchange offers you a lot of opportunities to increase the reach of your ad on the website and online.  Fill in all of the fields on your listing. It will help your horse show up in more searches for visitors to the website.  Use all of the share tools, as well. Each listing includes easy, quick-click share options for several social media platforms.  Use them!
Pictured are medium pony Makloud and owner Lainie Rubin at Pony Finals. A great example of a good confirmation photo of a beautiful pony professionally turned out for competition. Photo credit: Jennifer Wile Rubin

The goal of your ad should be to turn views into inquiries. People are busy and there are thousands of horses out there for sale. Following these suggestions, along with polite, prompt and thorough responses to prospective buyers, will make your sale experience pleasant – and profitable – for everyone!