Secrets of Social Media from Top Brand Influencers

Building a brand online can be a challenging process. Trying to get your voice heard, among an infinite number of other voices, seems like an impossible task, but with a lot of dedication and some great social media strategy, your Facebook and Instagram accounts can be poppin’. Here are a few tips the social media pros on The Plaid Horse team have put together to give you a leg-up:

Visual is everything.

Great photos don’t need to cost a lot of money, but you should spend time on perfecting them to the best of your ability. Invest in a few props for a great product layout (we’ve used everything from pro photo backdrops to placemats we found at WalMart).  Use the Instagram editing tools.  Surf around in the app store for editing and video apps.  Spend some time looking around Instagram for other accounts you love and emulate them. There are some great “How I edit my Instagram photos” videos on YouTube.  Having a visually impactful Instagram or Facebook isn’t difficult, if you do your homework.

Great product photos from Essex Classics.

Have a cohesive brand image and culture.

You have a beautiful logo – Use it!  It will tie all of your posts together. Use the same fonts and color schemes in all of your graphics. These things are Marketing & Branding 101 because they work. Every once in a while, take a look at your Instagram. Is it cohesive?  A consistent brand image makes your feed visually more beautiful, but also makes your brand more identifiable. Customers trust consistency. Once they fall in love, they’ll return over and over.

Fantastic customer photos from RJ Classics.

Evoke emotion.

Whether your posts are fun, funny, inspirational or informative, one of the main goals of your social media posts should be to get your customers interacting. Your social media shouldn’t be a one-way broadcast, it should be a conversation.  An engaged customer is investing their time and effort – likes and comments are your customer’s way of telling you they enjoy the relationship. Increased engagement will positively impact your account’s standing in the platform’s algorithm – interaction begets interaction.

Cohesive and fun brand imaging from My Barn Child.

Show some personality, beyond the products.

No one wants to see a non-stop stream of adverts on television. The same is true for your social media.  Know your customers well enough to confidently add interesting supplemental content they will love. On Facebook, share articles you think they would find interesting and relevant. On Instagram, share images they would react positively to. Instagram is a bazillion goldmines of great content you can share.  Even better, create your own original content that will get not only likes and comments, but SHARES as well!

Hilarious supplemental content from Epona Exchange.

The market is competitive, but your brand can be a winner. Put on your helmet, fire up your iphone and camera and get in there.

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