Tips on Tack Trunk Organization

Above: Whiteboards and a cork board help keep notes and photos organized inside your tack trunk. Photo by Ashley Shaw.

By TPH Intern Ashley Shaw

I received my tack trunk as a Christmas present five or six years ago, ecstatic to have a place to keep all my equestrian belongings. Back then, I was excitedly searching for new things to fill it, but as the years pass and the amount of tack and equipment multiplies, empty space becomes nonexistent. While it would be easy to just haphazardly throw everything in and hope the lid still shuts, I am an avid believer in organization. If there is unexpected traffic and you are late for your lesson, hunting for your other spur is the last thing you want to waste time doing. Proper organization can help keep you running on time, in a calm state of mind, and that is why I wanted to share some tips on how to keep the chaos under control.

Designate compartments in your trunk for things like gloves and medical supplies. Photo by Ashley Shaw.
  1. Designate specific portions of your trunk for certain things. By assigning each item a spot, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. I also recommend a tack box or bucket for bottles and other small items to minimize spills and and increase accessibility. With your trunk arranged this way, there is plenty of room to pack extra tack for horse shows.

  2. Store seasonal equipment like blankets and fly sheets in alternate trunks or in storage containers at home to free up space.

  3. Use containers to organize trays. Found at Target, Office Max, and many other stores, small plastic containers can keep markers and pens from taking over your trays and help you find the right spurs immediately. A bonus is that snapping on the lid keeps items dust free.

  4. Go through your trunk every once in awhile. It is easy for clutter to accumulate when you don’t even know what is in your trunk. So, take some time to ensure that you have what is needed and remove what isn’t, especially before leaving for a horse show.

  5. Once you have organized your trunk, stick to it. It may be tempting to start throwing things around again, but making it a habit to put things back in their spot is extremely beneficial in the long run. Scrambling to find what you need is stressful, so taking a few seconds to maintain neatness can eradicate unneeded panic.

  6. Have some fun decorating your trunk.  Fill your trunk with photos, show numbers, armbands or anything else that inspires you. Self-laminating pockets found at a variety of stores like Target and Walmart can help keep your photos in good condition. White boards are a great way to remember lesson times, horses you need to ride, or motivational quotes to keep you on your feet. Make it your own, and have it be organized too.


Use containers to organize bottles and brushes. Photo by Ashley Shaw.

About the Author: Ashley Shaw is a senior at Lafayette High School in St. Louis, MO. She trains with Shannon Hicks and competes in the Junior Hunters and Junior Jumpers, and her goal is to qualify for the Devon Horse Show next year. Outside of riding, she enjoys photography, cooking, and hanging out with her retired horses.

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