TPH Interns Thank Contributors

By Estelle Kraft, Irene Elise Powlick, Izzy Feinstein and Lauren Albert

As Thanksgiving is near in America, and has recently passed in Canada, TPH interns would like to take a moment to express their thanks to some of the incredible women on The Plaid Horse team who make this company what it is today. TPH is run by some of the smartest and most creative women across the country, who often do not get the recognition that they deserve. Here are just a few notes for the TPH team.

To Piper, our Publisher:

Piper has been one of the biggest role models in my life. Not only is she incredibly smart, boasting a PhD in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, but Piper also uses her intelligence to come up with innovative ideas to make our sport better. I truly believe that The Plaid Horse can change the world and none of it would be possible without Piper.

Piper has become so much more than just a mentor to me. She is a friend and supporter. Every time I’m with her or talk to her, I learn something new about horses or the industry. Education never stops around Piper. I know I can go to her with any problem or idea, and I will get a well-thought-out response. Piper’s support has gotten me through some of my worst moments and she’s always been there to congratulate me at my best moments too. Thank you, Piper, for your undying love and support. I can’t thank you enough for everything!

-Irene Elise Powlick

Irene and Piper at HITS Coachella in Thermal, CA.

To Stephanie Roloff:

I have been lucky enough to work with The Plaid Horse for the past three years, but have only recently began working with Stephanie on a daily basis. Not only is this woman smart and kind, but she is talented in her profession and has always made it a priority to teach those who want and need to learn.

Thank you for explaining everything, from your ‘How To’ guides to your late night and weekend advice. You have always been nothing but supportive and positive. Thank you for sharing your great advice with me and always having my back. Thank you for taking a chance on teaching me and trusting me with complex new things. Because of you, I have really gained the confidence to speak up and branch out through the opportunity of this job. You are incredibly talented with social media and in your word choice, which is something I strive to achieve. Thank you for being my leader, role model and teacher in this time of transition.

-Estelle Kraft

To Sissy Wickes, our Editor In Chief:

Throughout my time as an intern at The Plaid Horse Magazine, I have been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with many talented, empowered women in the horse industry. These women have all shaped me into the writer and photographer I am today and have helped me tremendously improve my skills in these areas while offering me once-in-a-lifetime opportunities as I continue to grow and learn. In particular, Sissy Wickes has become a role model and a mentor. When I was first accepted as an intern for The Plaid Horse Magazine over 2 years ago, I was excited (and slightly intimidated). Sissy has taken time out of her busy schedule to help me improve my writing by editing my posts for the blog and articles for the magazine. With Sissy’s guidance, I have become a leader and have taken on responsibilities I never could have imagined I would be capable of. I know I am not the only member of Team TPH and of the equestrian community who have been positively impacted by Sissy Wickes. Thank you so much, Sissy, for everything you do!

-Izzy Feinstein

To Averill Pessin:

Averill, thank you for your endless patience while editing my work. Your feedback and suggestions have helped me immensely.  I am a better writer because of it! Thank you for giving us all writing advice in our Facebook group. I appreciate the daily tips you give us as they help me know where I need to improve my writing. In addition, thank you for your continued work with the TPH intern and ambassador teams. I am grateful for your humor and kindness while working with us, especially when I did not know what to expect as a new intern. I was scared to put myself out there in my writing and you helped me get over that fear quickly. I give you endless thanks for your valuable time that you choose to spend helping us become better writers and individuals. We are blessed to have you as our #teammom!

-Lauren Aubert

To Betsy Kelley,

I recently took a bigger position for The Plaid Horse as Media Chair and have been lucky enough to meet more of the team, like our web-wiz Betsy. Betsy is one of a kind, in the best way possible. Betsy and I have only been working together for a brief period of time on the Plaidcast, but I have learned so much from her in just a few interactions. Whenever I am having a technology issue, Betsy is always willing and ready to help me work through it and teach me how to do a task more efficiently. I am extremely thankful for the knowledge I have gained from Betsy about our running our website and Facebook page. Even when Betsy is extremely busy on TPH deadline, or it is not a work day, she always replies kindly. Thank you for making me think differently in problem-solving especially with technology. I am so lucky to work with you!

-Estelle Kraft

Lauren and Piper meeting at Sonoma Horse Park when she became an intern this year.