Big Duke and Single Gaze Dominate Melbourne Cup Top Picks

The 2017 Melbourne Cup is fast approaching, and punters and horseback racing fans are thrilled more than ever in this once-a-year event. Now that November 7 looms over the horizon, the favorites are starting to get noticed.

Two of the top horses who are likely to make a statement in the tournament are Big Duke and Single Gaze. But can they really take home the bacon in Australia’s premier horse racing event? We’ll find out about that here.

Big Duke Proves Pundits Wrong

Big Duke has endured the onslaught of odds thrown around it saying that he won’t make it to the Melbourne Cup. However, it proved its doubters wrong as it had showcased its prowess during the recently held St. Leger Stakes. The 6-year-old gelding impressed the crowd after reigning supreme in the 2600m dash.

Though St. Leger isn’t a black-type event, it managed to be worth $500,000 during the historic run of Big Duke. As of now, there is still no official confirmation whether Big Duke will be part of the Melbourne Cup. However, with how it performed in the St. Leger, it’s most likely that it will.

Brenton Avdulla who jockeyed Big Duke was very pleased to have the career break he’s been waiting for. After the race, the team congratulated themselves for making the situation right for the Irish horse.

In their own words, they expressed how confident they are that Big Duke will make it to the top 10 horses in the Melbourne Cup. Big Duke’s victory was not really surprising because he was the $2.2 favorite in betting odds.

He even outclassed the $14 Auvray by three quarters of a length, while Cismontaine who has a $31 betting odds was beat with another 2 and 3/4 length. This victory is a big deal to Big Duke because he also won the Group One Metropolitan Handicap held last Sept. 30.

Single Gaze’s Smooth Ride to the Melbourne Cup

Meanwhile, the 5-year-old mare, Single Gaze, surprised the crowd with a stunning run during the $1 million Caulfield Stakes. Though it finished fourth in the race, it still was a big victory for the mare as it swooped through the other horses even though she was left behind. Trainer Nick Olive states that this is an ideal preparation for the upcoming $3 million Caulfield Cup.

Olive continues to say that Single Gaze is most likely to become the first horse coming from Canberra to race in the Melbourne Cup after 12 long years. The Australian trainer added that even though the event didn’t perfectly go well for Single Gaze, it still proved that it can make a stunning run.

The strong finish it had is a testament to its readiness in competing in a larger tournament like Melbourne Cup this coming November. And the Caulfield Stakes and Cup could pretty much be the best way to further strengthen this horse.

Take note that Singe Gaze failed to get a place with just a few millimeters. This fact alone proves how much potential this chestnut mare has. The improvement it had since the start of the year is also evident as to how likely it can get a spot in the upcoming Melbourne Cup.

Final Verdict

Big Duke currently has 33/1 odds to be the outright winner, while Single Gaze has a 150/1 odds. Though the figures might not be appealing to the regular punter, what counts here is the potential these two horses have.

Winning the recently held Stakes and Cups is one way of saying that it’ll dominate the 2017 Melbourne Cup. However, that’s easier said than done as there are a lot of horses to overtake if they really want to secure their spot.

Take for example the top favorite Almandin who has strong 13/2 odds, while Johannes Vermeer gets 10/1 odds. Then there’s Admire Deus who recently slipped to third place with 12/1 odds together with Amelies Star. Red Carnival has 16/1, Bonneval with 18/1, and Wall of Fire with 20/1.

The 2017 Melbourne Cup betting for AU bettors is surely an interesting one as the list of horses that has potential to win goes on and on. It’s because of this that it will surely be a daunting task for Big Duke and Single Gaze to overtake these top guns.

But who knows? Knowing that they’ve defied the odds in the previous races, it’s not that difficult to expect them to ace the Melbourne Cup.