Plaidcast #44 by – Inside Your Ride with Tonya Johnston and Jenny Susser

Plaidcast Episode 44 Dr. Jenny Susser


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Nov 4, 2017

Tonya welcomes Sports Psychologist Dr. Jenny Susser. They talk high performance, what to look for when searching for a mental skills coach, recommended reading in sports psychology, ideas for things to work on in the winter season and how working with equestrian athletes differ from athletes in other sports.  Listen in….


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  • Host:  Tonya Johnston, Visit her websiteFacebook and buy her book Inside Your Ride
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  • Photo Credit: Vivienne Mackinder
  • Guest:  Jenny Susser is a sport psychologist who has worked with athletes in a wide variety of sports, including professional football and basketball players, athletes in hockey, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, track and field, swimming, tennis, wrestling, and golf. She works predominantly with equestrian athletes, including helping the 2012 US Olympic Dressage Team both prepare for the games and compete in London. Jenny truly understands what high performance means in equestrian sport and across sports disciplines, as well as in the corporate world where she does performance coaching for top executives.

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