What’s In Our Show Trunk – Stable Staples

Above: Makloud and Lainie Rubin at 2017 Pony Finals. Photo by Jennifer Rubin.

By: Lainie Rubin and her mom Jennifer Rubin

Do you ever wonder if you’re up to date on the latest and greatest horse care lotions and potions?  Do you have some tried and true staples in your tack collection?   We thought that it would be fun to peek under the lid of our pony’s show trunk to share some of our family’s horse show favorites with you!   They are all kid-friendly, mom-approved and pony-tested!  Going into indoor show season and the holidays, you’ll want to be stocking up on these!

Horse Quencher Horse Electrolyte

This is our absolute new must have for horse showing!  Water can taste differently at various horse show venues, and combined with the stress of trailering this can sometimes means that your horse or pony isn’t drinking enough water.   Horse Quencher is an electrolyte mixture containing grains and flavorings that you add to your horse’s water bucket to make a horsey “Kool-Aid.”   You offer it in addition to plain water.  My family’s horse and ponies absolutely love it!

Pony Glam

Pony Glam is a glittery hoof conditioner made by a company based out of North Carolina that can be used in the place of (boring) plain hoof dressing.   The glitter is subtle and my daughter shows in either “Gimme Gold” or “Sassy Silver.”   There are a number of other fun colors like pink, blue or purple for a fun way to encourage kids to get into good care routines at home!

Shapley’s Show Touch Up

We began using this spray product on our pony during National Pony Finals this year.  It’s perfect for brightening white stockings or socks, especially right before the pony model! This spray comes in several different shades (sorrel, black and white) to give your horse or pony just the right bit of polish before heading in to wow the judges.

Sore No-More Gelotion

Horse showing can be tough on our equine friends.   This Sore No-More Gelotion can be rubbed into sore muscles and backs to provide liniment-like relief to soft tissue areas.  It’s also great to use prior to equine massage and chiropractic work! The gel formula means less spillage, which is great for young riders and super tired pony moms!

Lucky Braids All-In-One Horse Shampoo

This is one of our favorite shampoos to use on our horse and ponies.   The tea tree oil in this product helps to eliminate any skin fungus or irritation and it leaves the coat clean and shiny!

Quic Silver

Quic Silver is a whitening shampoo that intensifies all light colors within a horse’s coat.   We primarily use it on our horse and ponies’ white markings to help ensure these areas are extra clean and to help make the white pop!   The product doesn’t contain any bleaches, bluing or harsh chemicals so it’s gentle and safe for frequent use or sensitive skin.

Absorbine ShowSheen Stain Remover and Whitener

Anyone who cares for a grey horse or a horse or pony with white markings should have this product!   You can spray it on and wipe away the dirt and grime right before you enter the show ring.  It’s a bit like using a Shout wipe if you spill something on your shirt.   We have found this product to be gentle on skin and it does a great job lifting the stains away without much wiping.  A must-have for the show ring box!

EQyss Microtek Medicated Shampoo

We love this medicated shampoo.  Unlike other shampoos that can burn or hurt open wounds, this shampoo does not. If your horse has areas prone to collect crud or you’ve got a horse who loves to rub himself (or get small scratches and cuts after being ridden), this shampoo is perfect for you!   This is not necessarily a daily shampoo (although it is likely gentle enough to be used regularly), but one you can use periodically to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth.  It’s also great for sensitive horses with itchy/flaky skin.

Belvoir Tack Cleaner Spray

This is our go-to way for quickly and effectively cleaning the saddle and bridle.   This cleaner removes dirt, grease and sweat with ease and leaves our tack in perfect shape for the application of leather conditioner or oil. If you need quick ringside touch-ups on a sweaty bridle or martingale, it’s perfect!

Belvoir Leather Balsam Intensive Conditioner

This is a terrific deep conditioning treatment for leather to be used after you clean your leather with a leather cleaner.

Effax Leather Cream Soap

If we have to quickly clean tack at the end of a long show day, this is our go-to for leather care!  It cleans and cares for leather in one step without any water.  It just takes a quick wipe down and we can be on our way to supper.

These are just a few of our favorite show trunk staples.  They make life easier, cleaner and prettier!