November 10, 2017 

Chapel Hill, NC – Graphic designer, fine artist and life-long equestrian Susan DiFelice has just launched, a brightly illustrated website filled with interactive activities, educational tools, activity books, quizzes, puzzles and more! Designed for children ages 8 to 12, features fun tools, such as downloadable coloring pages, collectible posters and mazes to help children learn the basics of horsemanship, tack, riding sports, breed identification and more. Developed by DiFelice over the past two years, the designer sought to combine her love of equine illustration and teaching children.

“I love the fact that there are so many digital options out there now to make activities readily available for any kid who wants to learn about horses,” she said. “This enabled me to create a dynamic interface that children of all backgrounds can access and enjoy.” 

Special features include a tack room where children can design their own pony and tack it up, as well as informational pages where kids can learn things like parts of the bridle, different bits and types of saddles.  In addition to the free items, DiFelice offers elegantly designed activity books, t-shirts and other items for sale – all are sure to please a young horse lover. 

For a limited time the Allpony Horses & Ponies Activity Book – Introduction to Horses and Horseback Riding is on sale on Amazon for $14.95. One customer wrote “This book has lots of beautiful illustrations and fun activities that all kids will love. It would be a great gift for a kid that has an interest in ponies and horses. It has great information and would be a good introduction into riding. My kids and I love it!!!”

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