Barn Manager to Entrepreneur

By Alix Morrison

I trained to be a barn manager since I was 15 years old.  I did educational programs and working student positions to further my experience, as well as participated in Horsemanship Quiz Challenge. For college, I attended Colorado State University’s highly ranked Equine Science program to continue pursuing my dream of being a great barn manager. I was fully on track to graduate and head out into the world of top level barn management, until I realized what a need there was for custom water proof blankets. Rarely can people get the same blanket colors year after year, so people or barns who like to match are immediately out of luck if they buy blankets in different years. Also, people with horses that have big or small parts of their bodies need nicely fitted blankets. This is important whether blankets are waterproof or not, but especially important if a horse is going to be exposed to the elements. I later learned that tack room set ups and other custom stable accessories often have a huge price markup. I wanted to make less expensive alternatives available so that more people can nice set ups at horse shows.

So, with a big push and a little inspiration, I started Rex Blankets and Stablewares. I was 21, fresh out of college with no degree in business, and definitely nervous. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to work with a lot of passionate people and spend a lot of time with horses. People are bringing great ideas to me and we’re always making something we’ve never made before! There’s not a day when I don’t learn something new.

I never thought I would stray from my plan to be a barn manager, let alone to be an entrepreneur. But plans change and opportunities need to be seized when they feel right.