Holiday Gift Guide: Horse Edition


With the first few days of December behind us, festive strings of holiday lights and wreaths decorate homes across the globe. Christmas trees are covered in beautiful ornaments, menorahs are cleaned and put on the mantle, and candles are placed in the Kwanzaa kinara. While preparing for the holidays can be stressful, many people look forward to giving and receiving gifts from family and friends. While it may be easy to purchase your friend the saddle pad she has been eyeing or order your trainer a new pair of gloves, how do you know what to buy your equine friends? Use the gift guide below to find the perfect present for your furbaby!

Snaks 5th Avenchew Horse Treats
Snaks 5th Avenchew makes gourmet, all natural, bakery-style treats, catering to both horses and dogs. From cannolis to emojis to sugar free treats and everything in-between, Snaks has something for every horse this holiday season. Shop their holiday collection, featuring Christmas “Tree’t” Ornament Snaks, Hanukkah Doughnut, Snowflake Crunch Cups, and Emoji Poo with Santa Hat, ranging from $5.25 to $27.50.

TPH Intern Izzy Feinstein’s horse, CeeCee, poses with her Snaks 5th Avenchew Poo Emoji treat, Photo Credit: Izzy Feinstein

Half Pad
Keep your horse happy and comfortable during your rides by adding a half pad made from sheepskin, memory foam, or gel to your tack collection. The opening the half pad creates relieves pressure from the spine by evenly distributing weight along your horse’s back and can even improve the fit of the saddle. Many half pads absorb the impact of rider activity, naturally wick away moisture, and increase air circulation. Popular brands include Ultra ThinLine, LamiCell, Circuit Sheepskin, EcoGold, Fleeceworks, Wilkers, and Equifit. Each brand has its own unique benefits. For example, ThinLine pads are shimmable, meaning they can be customized to the fit of your saddle, and Wilkers memory foam half pads can be ordered in various color combinations and monogrammed.

A sheepskin half pad is used underneath a saddle to provide comfort for this horse, Photo Credit: Izzy Feinstein

Back On Track
Back On Track is renowned for combining modern textiles and traditional Chinese medicine to create therapeutic products for horses, riders, and dogs to help them live more comfortably. Saddle pads, polos, and blankets are just a few of the products Back On Track offers for horses. One of Back On Track’s most popular products is their Therapeutic Mesh Sheet, offered in black, burgundy, and hunter green. The sheet benefits horses with sore backs, tight muscles, arthritic issues, or stiffness. Made with Welltex material that reflects the horse’s body energy, the sheet creates a soothing far infrared effect, which can increase blood circulation.

Horse Boots
Protect your horse’s legs from injury during competition, lessons, lunging, or turnout with a pair of boots. Open front jumping boots have become increasingly popular, with brands like Equifit and Veredus offering unique color and customization options. The open front of the boot encourages the horse to be careful over jumps, and the closed back provides protection for the tendons in the back of the horse’s front leg from the back hooves.

Falba VDL sports a pair of Veredus Open Front Boots while showing with rider, Christina DeMattheis, Photo Credit: Izzy Feinstein

Grooming Products
Comfy Glove is a rubber grooming mitt that fits on either hand. It is covered in textures on both sides that soothe the horse as you groom them. Available in blue, black, and pink, Comfy Glove is sure to be a hit with your horse. Tail Tamer offers different styles of brushes all with the same mission: to gently and easily remove tangles from your horse’s mane and tail without damaging or ripping out their hair. Epona Groomage is a flexible equine massage tool featuring wobbly knobs that loosen tight muscles and stimulates circulation.

The Jolly Ball can be used indoors or outdoors, by tying it inside a stall or letting your horse play with it in their paddock. The Jolly Ball is durable, and will not deflate if bitten or punctured, providing hours of fun for your equine. Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball is a toy and treat that can be hung from a horse’s stall. Made with essential vitamins and minerals, Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball is made from all-natural, high quality ingredients. Available in apple, carrot, molasses, and peppermint flavors, one is sure to please your horse. The Flat Fill Nose-It Treat Ball is twelve sided and made from non-breakable material. Fill it with carrot chunks, mini hay cubes, or wafer-style treats for hours of fun.