Fundraiser for Elaine O’Halloran

Elaine O’Halloran (pictured above) was involved in a car accident in Wellington, Florida on November 25, 2017. Photo Credit: The Book LLC


On November 25, 2017, Christian Kennedy, Dana McWilliams, and Elaine O’Halloran, all avid horse lovers who moved to Wellington to pursue their dreams of working in the horse industry, were involved in a fatal car accident when Dana McWilliams lost control of her vehicle. By the time police arrived four minutes later, it was too late to save McWilliams and Kennedy. O’Halloran emerged as the sole survivor and is now facing expensive hospital and rehabilitation bills.

Elaine O’Halloran is 24 years old and originally from Strandhill, County Sligo, Ireland. Elaine has been living in Wellington, Florida, working as a top FEI groom for showjumper David Blake at Pine Hollow Stables. Blake describes her as “one of the most loyal hardworking people [he] ha[s] had the pleasure of working with.” Blake set up a GoFundMe to help raise the funds O’Halloran desperately needs for increasing medical bills, as she was uninsured at the time of the accident.

On the night of the accident, Elaine was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Trauma Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has had successful reconstructive spinal surgery, but is currently paralyzed from the waist down. It is still unknown if the paralysis is permanent. In the future, Elaine will need to attend rehabilitation therapy in the local Wellington area.

All money raised through the GoFundMe will go directly to Elaine O’Halloran’s medical funds to allow her to focus on her recovery and access the treatment she needs. Blake has set a $500,000 goal to cover the cost of Elaine’s expenses, and promises “The smallest donation can make a big difference.”