Grand Prix Backpack Review


I’ve had my Grand Prix backpack since May. After six months, I’ve had the opportunity to use and abuse it for a full show season to see how it wears and washes.

The main thing I love about the backpack is all of the POCKETS. It has six outer pockets, including a helmet holder, a water bottle holder and crop holder with a handy velcro tab! The main compartment has two dividers, including a padded one. I keep a ton of stuff in my backpack, including clothes, tack, drinks, snacks and grooming products. I’m even able to jam my iPad safely in with tack, because of the backpack’s padded divider.

At a busy horse show, you need to stay really organized, so you can get at your stuff fast. I always put the same items, in the same pockets every time so things are easy to find. My horse even learned exactly where the mints were!

I prefer the backpack to a regular bucket-style ring bag or wooden tote, because it is easier for me to carry when I head down to the ring alone with my horse. It keeps both of my hands free to handle my horse, and I won’t accidentally drop the backpack in the mud.

When you carry a lot of liquid grooming products like fly wipes, boot shine, and drinks, your backpack needs to be easy to wash! It’s important to be able to clean spills (and the occasional melted chocolate) out of your bag. To wash my Grand Prix backpack, I just empty everything out of it (make sure to watch for granola bars… I learned that lesson the hard way!), then pop it in the washing machine on a regular, cold cycle. I usually put it in with a couple of pairs of jeans, just to make sure the load is balanced and it has some other items to toss with. Then I hang it upside down to dry, clipped to a pants hanger.

When it comes to tack and clothing, I’m really hard on my stuff. I am happy with the durability of my Grand Prix backpack, as well as the affordable price point. My goal is to have one bag for each horse or pony I have at the show, so I can keep whatever specific items I need for that horse in its own backpack. For storing and carrying everything you need at the show, the Grand Prix backpacks are a definite yes for me.