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  1. 2017 USHJA Rule Change Debates
Photo by Lauren Mauldin

With 2017 quickly coming to a close, it is important that we as equestrians are prepared and notice the things changing around us, like some of our USHJA rules for the 2018 season. Alix Morrison gives us an inside look into the annual meeting.

As the annual meeting ramps up in San Antonio, and rule proposals are getting debated. Some of the hotly debated rules include: all of the rules pertaining to when and if safety cups are being implemented, HU133 and GR1113.2 (competing vs. completing), HU132.9 (recording results further), HU134.1 (jogging for soundness vs. trotting in and out of the ring to prove soundness), GR1302.2 and GR1302.2 (Safe Sport Initiative), GR801 and GR1316.4 (helmets), GR839.6 (reporting abuse of a horse), GR843.7 (reporting a collapsed horse), and GR309 (special competitions).” Read all about the USHJA rule changes.

2. Plaidcast #49 by Stable Secretary – Andrew Ellis, Andy Kocher

Last week’s Plaidcast was extremely exciting as Piper and Sissy sat down with Andrew and Andy -Listen In!

“In Episode 49 of the Plaidcast, co-hosts Piper Klemm and Sissy Wickes of The Plaid Horse Magazine sit down with horse show manager Andrew Ellis and grand prix rider Andy Kocher.”

3. RJ Classics 12 Days of Christmas

RJ Classics is giving away a new item each day with its 12 Day of Christmas. Everyday a new item and winner will be selected! All you have to do is follow a few quick steps on instagram @r.j.classics – how easy is that!?

4. Continuing Education: NCAA Equestrian

Photo by Grace Salmon

The Plaid Horse Editor, Sissy Wickes, gives us an inside look at NCAA equestrian competition.

The NCEA competition format was like nothing I had previously experienced. The day begins with a coaches’ meeting between the coaches from both teams and the judges. Each school has an all female Hunt Seat team and a Western team. Each team has coaches and assistant coaches, clothing emblazoned with their school’s logo – all well prepped, polite, and ready to compete.”

Read all about Sissy’s experience with NCAA collegiate riding.

5. Plaidcast Jr #9 – TPH Intern Lauren Aubert

TPH Intern Lauren Aubert joins publisher Piper Klemm to discuss the balance of academics and riding. This is a great listen for second semester college planning and finals preparation for those still in grade school! Click here to listen in!

6. The newest issue is out!

The December 2017/January 2018 issue is finally out! Peak inside this issue to read great pieces by Piper Klemm, Sissy Wickes and some of the interns. Click here to read the whole Education Issue!

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