Free X Rein Offers Classic Stable to Street Style


Scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, I came across @xfreerein and was intrigued by their stunning imagery. Equestrian essence in some images, street style in others, and that was before I found the bodysuits!

Honestly when I think bodysuit I think super tight, which is usually only flattering on very young women and certain body types. But these photos were beautiful and I found myself thinking, That’s a bodysuit? But it’s so flattering! Then I remembered that body suits are currently super on-trend, and with them I’d never have to worry about my shirt coming un-tucked! This all sounded very promising.

A few days later, I placed my order for Free X Rein’s Derby Riding Pant in Wellington Tan, and their Moto Equestrian Bodysuit in Forest. I love daring to try different types of riding pants in beige or tan, because the color can either be really stunning… or all wrong. During my order, I spent some time on the phone with the founders of Free X Rein, Dana and Andrea, and was excited to hear that they wanted their clothes to go from the barn to the street and beyond for errands or dinner with friends. While I really appreciate the sporty fabrics and styles of today’s equestrian trends, I was excited to own something classic and multi purpose.

My package arrived (with 2 day shipping!) to my front door in a beautiful navy blue box with gold text across the front. Inside, I found my items carefully wrapped with two postcards that had clear instructions on how to care for my new riding apparel. Exciting discovery — the pants can be tossed in the dryer on low! How convenient is that?!

Free X Rein Derby Riding Pant

My first impression of the products was their overall high quality. The fabric on the pants is sturdy without feeling thick, and once I put them on I fell in the love. The color is perfect. The fit is flattering, the mid-rise is comfortable, and I felt great in them. The tan suede knee patch is a beautiful nostalgic and classic touch. These pants will be great to lesson or show in, and then meet my friends for a casual dinner at the end of the day by throwing a big sweater on and some white sneakers.

Free X Rein Moto Equestrian Body Suit

The body suit is super cool. The fabric is SO soft and I will definitely be wearing this as an everyday item, in addition to a riding top. The zipper details are trendy yet subtle, and this particular color feels very fall and would be a great layering item. The fit is loose, and the body suit is a thong bottom with a snap closure. The snaps are perfectly placed and remarkably comfortable to ride in!

Free X Rein nailed their design and function, and I really look forward to new products they launch in the future! Comfortable, trendy, and gorgeous — I can’t ask for anything else in equestrian style.