Fashion: 5 Essential Pieces

By TPH Style Editor Bethany Lee

The temperatures have dropped, and it’ s time to pull out those extra layers! I am a firm believer that just because you need to bundle up doesn’t mean that your style has to suffer. I have pulled together 5 essential pieces that are must-haves for your winter wardrobe, whether you are at the barn or hanging out with friends. Coincidentally I picked out 5 black pieces (Ido love black!) butthey match with almost anything you already have.


If you live in a cold area, you need to invest in a pair of these! Heck, I live in Florida and I still use them all the time. You can wear base layer leggings alone with a slouchy sweater and boots, but what they are truly designed for is an additional layer under your breeches. I grew up in the frozen tundra of the Midwest, and I remember the winter days at the barn where my thighs would go numb. The base layer leggings are life savers to keep circulation moving and to reduce numbness. I also love to wear them on runs or for gym workouts.


I can’t think of many things that are worse than cold toes. During the winter months, nylon socks just don’t cut it for me. I love a sock with support and comfort, and in the winter added warmth is a must!


No matter what time of year, I always dress in layers for riding. When I get to the barn in the mornings, it can be 30 degrees cooler than when I teach in the afternoons. In the winter, I will start my ride shivering, but as soon as we get to work I am ready to shed my jacket, vest, sweater, etc. This East Coast Equestrian full zip jacket is essential for my winter days in and out of the ring because it insulates without being too bulky. I can easily add three more layers on top of it without looking like a marshmallow!


Scarves can be tricky. Either they are too chunky or not warm enough to even bother using. The trick is to find a scarf that is both thin and warm. It is a great way to add style to a winter outfit, while still having a purpose (keeping your neck and chin warm!)


I wish beanies were acceptable in Florida all year round, because I would absolutely throw one onto cover my helmet hair every day! While beanies do cover up the mess, they also keep your head and ears nice and warm, especially after working up a sweat. A cute beanie is the perfect way to look chic and stay warm!

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