Is the View Halloo Equestrian Journal the Thing You’ve Been Missing?


As a high school student and equestrian athlete, time management and organization have become a crucial component to my recent success. I am currently enrolled in four advanced placement courses, completing college applications and taking part in five honors societies. I am also the proud owner of four horses whom I care for and train myself.

With all these responsibilities, I had been lead to believe that it’s impossible to balance a successful equestrian career with outstanding academics and a stimulating social life. That is until I received my View Halloo Equestrian Competition Journal in the mail.

View Halloo created a sleek and stylish journal to allow you to manage all aspects of your equestrian lifestyle. The cruelty free faux leather cover is not only durable and beautiful, but also barn friendly. Whether you drop your journal on the footing at the back gate, or leave it on your tack trunk to find it covered in slobber, the leather style finish makes it fast and easy to clean and care for.

Within the bindings, you will find nearly 300 high quality vellum paper pages with horse illustrations and inspirational quotes scattered throughout. The table of contents will help guide you through all 35 sections of the journal. From horse information and registration to competition notes and records, View Halloo has all aspects of your equestrian lifestyle conveniently covered in one journal.

It is almost innate for me to schedule my social and schoolwork in my daily planner. That is why I was so excited to be introduced to View Halloo’s equestrian journal. Having a single place to track and organize all four of my horses’ information has been an incredible time saver. My horses are in tiptop shape with the help of the training record section of the journal. I will never miss an entry form deadline with the built in show calendar, and my horses will always be shod and floated on time with the health history section.

It doesn’t end there — View Halloo has even more to offer! See for yourself how their equestrian journal can help you, and order online today. The Equestrian Competition Journal is my secret to success, could this be the thing you’ve been missing?