Happy Holidays from The Plaid Horse

During this holiday season, The Plaid Horse family wanted to take a minute to share our favorite holiday memory or wish with you!

Annie Birmingham

Photo courtesy of Annie Birmingham

My holiday wish is that everyone finds a pony under the tree!!☺️🎄🦄

Vyla Carter

Photo Courtesy of Vyla Carter

Every holiday season since I have been little, I have dug out the reindeer antlers from the closet and taken pictures with my horse with them on. I have a picture of every horse or pony I have ever leased with them and hope to keep this cute tradition for years to come.

Liz Davoll

Photo courtesy of Liz Davoll

Each year I’m fortunate to spend the holidays surrounded by amazing family and friends that support my dreams. That’s better than any gift! Except maybe a horse… 😉

Emmy Dolin

Photo courtesy of Emmy Dolin

My wish is that all the horses are loved by their owners and everyone has a great show season!

Estelle Kraft

Photo courtesy of Estelle Kraft

Friends and family are very important to me, especially during the holiday season, and this year I have been blessed with a new barn family! I began working for Lisa Halterman of Haven Farms in San Diego, CA and the warm welcome that I have received is better than I could have ever asked for. The clients and horses alike are kind and great teachers. I cannot wait to grow and learn as an equestrian with this generous holiday gift!

Betsy Kelley

Photo courtesy of Betsy Kelley

My favorite Holiday Memory as an equestrian happened many years ago, when I became the owner of the horsey love of my life. Fourteen Christmases later, Diva is just a few months from her 29th birthday and still makes my heart skip a beat when she struts her stuff around the pasture. She is still my favorite riding partner, and the best model a photographer could ask for!

Izzy Feinstein

Izzy Feinstein and She’s The One (CeeCee) at the Monmouth at the Team Horse Show, Photo by Allison Harrison

One of my favorite holiday memories is celebrating Hanukkah with my horse, CeeCee, each year. Each day of Hanukkah I treat her to something special, whether it is Snaks 5th Avenchew horse treats, a massage with my Groomage tool, or a ride using the Back On Track saddle pad. CeeCee works so hard for me all year long, so being able to celebrate Hanukkah with her is one way I am able to thank her.

Emily Lucibello

Emily & Blue at WEF

My favorite holiday horse memory would have to be finding out I would be leasing a pony, I’m Not Blue. It was the best feeling to call her mine, and I will never forget the feeling that day. She took me places, and had the sweetest attitude.

Lauren Mauldin

Lauren & Simon

I’ve been obsessed with horses as long as I can remember, but it took several years before I actually started riding lessons. In those dark, pre-riding days, I satisfied my pony need with model horses and toys. One Christmas, my Grandfather gave me the most beautiful little barn for my horses that he made in his workshop. It had six detailed stalls, “acres” of wood fencing and an engraved plaque above the barn that said, “Upton Stables – Lauren Upton Owner.” That barn is the most beloved gift I’ve ever gotten, and I still have the little plaque on my shelf next to ribbons my real horse won.

Erica O’Neal

Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

My holiday wish is to continue to compete and succeed with my horse, Dealer, after his loss of eyesight in one eye and for him to maintain a stable condition.

Eden Pessin

Eden and Rookie at Caledon Equestrian Park, Photo by Brit Belaiche

My holiday wish is that everyone keeps having lots of reasons to smile and celebrate. I wish everyone a 2018 with lots of “4 off the floor” moments.

Irene Elise Powlick

Photo courtesy of Irene Elise Powlick
My favorite holiday memory was always going to the farm Christmas afternoon, and using all of the new stuff I got during the holidays! My mom used to get me a new saddle pad each year when I was little and I would always immediately use it!

Lainie Rubin

Laurens aka “Luck Dragon”, Photo by Jennifer Rubin
My favorite holiday memory is definitely when my parents gave me my pony, Makloud, for Christmas. I’d never owned my own pony before (I’d only ever leased), so this present was incredibly special. I outgrew Makloud this year, and he just found a fantastic new home with another little girl as her Christmas pony!

Ashley Shaw

Photo courtesy of Ashley Shaw

This is me and my horse Contemporary (aka Legs!) and my holiday wish is to relax and enjoy time with the horses 🙂

Tori Weed

Photo courtesy of Tori Weed

This holiday season I hope everyone is blessed with love and a wonderful time!

From our barn family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays! We appreciate all the time you spend with The Plaid Horse whether it’s reading the magazine or blog, listening the plaidcast or scrolling through instagram. Enjoy this day to celebrate the love between family, friends and of course — horses!