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Each week, TPH Media Chair, Estelle Kraft, will be breaking down The Plaid Horse Pick Six — a weekly wrap up of equine news, great deals, popular blog posts and much more! Tune in every Sunday for six don’t miss things from the previous week.

1. 20 Motivational Quotes to Use at the Barn

It’s the new year, woohoo! A fresh start as some say, and a great time to install (or reinstall!) a new mindset. TPH’s Blog Editor, Lauren Mauldin, shares 20 motivational quotes to use at the barn to kick off 2018. Reading through them may inspire your own motivational quote or saying that you can share with barn mates!

“While my number one equestrian inspirational quote is probably my trainer yelling “MORE LEG!” (always, always more leg), I found these 20 quotes inspirational both in and outside of the barn.”

2. 12 Million Reasons to Follow @theplaidhorsemag on Instagram

I LOVE Instagram, and have been using it since I was in middle school. When I was a freshmen in high school, four years ago, I stumbled upon the The Plaid Horse Instagram account. In the bio I saw that they were taking photo submissions, so I submitted a photo, applied as an ambassador and well… here I am now. The TPH Instagram account is fun, silly and educational, and I absolutely love it. If you don’t already follow @theplaidhorsemag you need to, we’d love to have you part of our family!

3. Women Mentoring Women

The Plaid Horse is fabulously run by a team of all women, which means we’re a team of women mentoring women. In TPH Editor Sissy Wickes story, Women Mentoring Women published in our most recent issue, she talks with some of our industry’s most successful women to hear what they have to say for our younger generation of riders. Being with TPH for most of my high school career, I look up to the successful women that I have been able to work with because they are truly mentoring me. You don’t want to miss this article, it was a really interesting read.

“From Anne Kursinski: ‘Keep asking yourself: how can I be a better horseman? Make sure that the horses always come first and never sacrifice them for money or ribbons.

Advice to my younger self? Enjoy the journey more consciously. Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go perfectly. Have some compassion for yourself. And, don’t forget about the future. Put money away and make a long term plan.’”

4. The Stallion Issue February 2017 – The Plaid Horse

This week, I’ve been on vacation in Park City, Utah skiing with my family and visiting TPH’s Irene Powlick. As a morning person, I’ve spent my morning free time reading old TPH issues… last year’s stallion issue to be specific! Our 2018 Stallion issue comes out soon, and I encourage you all to go back and read the issue. It has so much to offer. Learn about DerbyDown, the genetics of horses coat color and so much more!

5. Plaidcast 17 by EponaExchange.com – How Hunter Judging Works

The fifth spot on my Pick Six this week was a throwback, so I thought we should go back a bit more! In Plaidcast 17, Piper sits down with Sissy to talk about how hunter judging works. Yes, you heard me right, a USEF ‘R’ rated judge tells you what she looks for! With the winter circuits starting soon, this Plaidcast is a really important one to listen to. If you have a long drive to the show grounds, listen because you’ll learn a lot from Sissy’s advice. If you haven’t tuned into the Plaidcast before, head over to the Plaidcast website and listen to every episode. You’ll thank me later!

6. Publisher’s Notes 2017

TPH’s Publisher, Piper Klemm, is one of our own women mentoring women, and she gives great advice in every single one of her Publisher’s Notes. Each issue, she discusses her personal struggles, successes and love for the sport. I cannot stress how often I read these notes. About a month ago, I started working for a new barn and three weeks in I feel off my trainer’s horse and got a concussion. I was heartbroken and I thought my time with this new barn was over, but reading Piper’s note about The Right Stuff made me feel better about the accident that I had. If you have read them, read them again. If you haven’t read them, you should check these out.

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