Three inventions which changed the way we bet on Horse Racing

Remember the old days of betting? The days when you would have to traipse down to a dank and dingy shop that sucked the life out of you as soon walked in. Remember having to pick up a piece of indecipherable paper and use a tiny little pencil or a pen which never worked in order to mark down the horse you hoped to win. Then you would have to watch on a tiny fuzzy screen to see if your horse was going to bring home the gold. It was either that or you would leave to watch at home before having to go back to the betting shop to collect your winnings.

It was an annoying and very imperfect system that made betting on racing both a hassle and a very unenjoyable experience. Even worse was having to go all the way to a casino if you wanted to enjoy your favourite games like blackjack and poker. Luckily the rise of the internet means that those days are over. You can play casino games online and be rewarded with things like free spins on slot machines at websites like The internet has taken the hassle out of gambling and has meant that customers are rewarded with more free spins and free bets than ever before.

In terms of betting on horse racing, the internet has meant that we no longer need to plan our visits to the bookies, if we want to place a bet on our favourite horse or act on a tip that we have received from a friend we can just go to our PC. While betting shops are still often frequented, according to over £1 billion a year is spent in them, they are now becoming less and less popular as people begin to use apps and stay away from shops.

The promise that business people have long made is that competition will lead to innovation. When there were a number of betting shops on the high street this was not really the case as it was a pain to find another shop and to change from one bookies to the others. Now however, with betters more clued up by great online tips and able to switch at the drop of a hat, betting companies have had to innovate more and create new reasons for gamblers to keep coming back to them. Here are two of the best of these recent innovations that have changed the way we bet on horse racing and sport in general.

Cash Out

If you have an accumulator and can feel that something isn’t right as a meeting begins to come to an end, if you hear that one of your horses is not feeling great or you are just worried that one mistake is going to cost you your winnings then in the past it was tough luck. However that is no longer the case and you can now take what you have without losing out just because your last result let you down. Cash out allows the bookmakers to offer you a price for ending your bet early and gives you the chance to pocket the cash and not worry about something bringing down your tenfold accumulator that has already seen seven results come in.

One of the biggest issues of the old days of betting shops was they held all the power, there was no way to get one over on them or to negotiate with them. Cash out has given us punters the chance to take some of the risk out of betting which is something to be celebrated.

In-Play betting.

If you were betting on a longer race or wanted to bet on something happening live it was pretty hard to do unless you stayed in the betting shop the whole time. It was very annoying not being able to bet on things as they happened and not being able to use any insider info or knowledge you had while you watched. It can be easy to see when something isn’t right with a horse but if you have already bet on them and you see it just after a race begins then there used to be nothing you could do to sort out your mistake.

In-play betting though allows us to bet on things as they happen, to use our knowledge to do better and to make more informed bets. It is another innovation that gives us a sliver of control back and one that has made a real difference to how we bet on racing.