TPH Review: WikSmart Cooler


It’s not the frozen toes, hands, or ground. It’s not even the seemingly eternal darkness that begins at 4 PM. The part about winter riding that absolutely kills me is trying to dry out my mare after a long ride. Since we don’t show in the winter and she loves her pasture time, it doesn’t make sense to body clip her. This means that I am left with the tedious task of hand walking her until the deep abyss that is her winter coat decides to finish air-drying. None of the scrims, coolers, or heat lamps we have come across seem up to the task, especially since they tend to completely ignore the most sweat-prone areas.

Then, a new face came along…the WikSmart Cooler. After perusing their website and watching videos on how their fascinating cooler works, I knew I had to try one.

Full Winter Coats Are No Longer a Problem with the WikSmart Cooler

Now, I could have put my WikSmart Cooler on a body clipped, show-ready horse to show off its lovely design, but I wanted to see how it stood up to a full blown winter coat. Enter my new mare, who is currently performing her best Yak impression.  As you can see in the video below; this cooler is the real deal.

I recommend watching the “How To” video on the WikSmart website before putting your cooler on for the first time; there are a lot of buckles and extra parts that you may not be used to seeing on a regular cooler. (These will soon become your best friends.) After I watched the video once, I was off and running for my first use.

I am SO impressed with the WikSmart Cooler, and the amount of time it saved me in the very first use. It has officially earned its place as a staple in my tack room. The chest/neck and belly band portions are a game changer, and the snaps and adjustable portions allow for a snug fit (read: no more cooler slippage.) This is the first cooler that I have felt totally comfortable hauling or stalling my playful mare in without worrying about it being upside down and backwards in a matter of seconds. From form to function, the WikSmart Cooler is a must-have.