TPH Intern New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year again where everyone sets their New Year’s Resolutions so they have something to work for in 2018. All The Plaid Horse interns have worked hard last year, and have come up with a goal to help further advance their riding. Today, each Intern made their own goal to share with you! Hopefully we can inspire you to come up with a resolution of your own.

Grace Salmon

Grace Salmon:

Age/Grade: I am 20 years old and a sophomore in college.
This Past Year: I competed in the long stirrup and pre adult hunters on my baby horse Nemo this past summer – he ended up champion or reserve every time in the long stirrup and Team North West long stirrup circuit reserve champion! This past year was a lot about having fun and focusing on introducing my baby horse to the show world. I am now away and riding for the UTM NCAA equestrian team, so I am now really able to focus on myself.
Resolution for 2018: I have decided that my resolution is to work on my mental and physical toughness when it comes to riding.
How you plan on achieving it: I plan on achieving this by focusing on what I can do out of the saddle and applying that to team practice. At school we have strength straining and a rec center gym where I am able to work on my own physical strength that will benefit me in the saddle. We also have a psychology teacher who has spoken to us about the mental side of playing a team sport – which is what the format collegiate equestrian is all about. The basis of my resolution is to really understand and utilize what resources I have!

Annie Birmingham

Annie Birmingham:

Age/Grade: 17 years old in 12th grade.
This past year: Haven’t really competed in the past year or so as I’ve been working with a little project pony (have only showed him a handful of times in some flat classes this summer), but prior to that I showed in the Low Children’s Eq and Hunters with my past horse.
Resolution for 2018: My resolution is to continue to build my confidence by putting myself outside of my normal comfort zone and to improve my equitation overall.
How you plan on achieving it: I plan to do so by competing at the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival all thanks to the help and generosity of the USHJA Foundation.

Katie Lenkhart

Katie Lenkart:

Age/Grade: 15 years old, Sophmore.
This Past Year: I have been competing in the High Children’s Jumpers, Junior Hunters, and Equitation.
Resolution for 2018: To learn as much as I possibly can in the next year.
How you plan on achieving it: I will achieve my resolution by observing as much as possible, and asking questions.

Tori Weed

Tori Weed:

Age/Grade: 16 years old, Grade 11th.
This Past Year: This year I competed in the 15-17 age group eq, 3’3 Junior Hunters, and 3’-3’3 medals. Some successes I had were bringing home multiple Championships and Reserve Championships in both the equitation and hunter divisions and winning multiple medals!
Resolution for 2018: My resolution for the next year is to expand my show experience on many new horses, to successfully compete in equitation, medals, hunters, and jumpers to learn as much as I can, and to be the best athlete and partner I can be for my horses.
How you plan on achieving it: I plan on achieving this resolution by taking every opportunity possible, trying new things, and by being physically, mentally, and emotionally at the top of my game for my horses. To do this I will continue to grow as an athlete by riding nearly every day and working out and by expanding my horsemanship and sport psychology knowledge through clinics, seminars, USHJA, etc!

Ashley Shaw

Ashley Shaw:

Age/Grade: I am sixteen-years-old and a junior in high school.
This past year: In June I bought my current jumper Adico, and we have been competing in the Low Junior/AO Jumpers since then. Some of our accomplishments include finishing Reserve Circuit Champion in the Low Juniors for Summer in the Rockies, placing in the top three in jumper classics at Summer in the Rockies, Equifest, and the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show, and winning championships at Summer in the Rockies and Equifest. In September I started showing my sister’s horse Contemporary, also known as Legs, in the Junior Hunters and occasionally the equitation. Together we have accomplished a handful of wins in the equitation and Junior Hunters, getting to know each other better show by show.
Resolution for 2018: For 2018, my goal is to move up to the High Junior Jumpers, and I plan to achieve this by improving the consistency of my riding. With Legs, my end goal for 2018 is to qualify for indoors in the Junior Hunters, and increasing consistency will also aid in accomplishing this.
How you plan on achieving it: I will continue to take notes on what I work on during lessons and at shows and take more flat lessons to improve my feel and connection with Adico. Watching other riders and studying their riding habits can also help me further my riding. Riding frequently without stirrups to strengthen my legs and taking lessons regularly will heighten my ability to ride Legs, and with luck, correlate to increased success in the show ring. I greatly look forward to 2018!

Izzy Feinstein

Izzy Feinstein:

Age/Grade: Age 17, Grade 12
This Past Year: This past year, I have been competing in the 2’3” Hunters and Equitation, with top ribbons at HITS Saugerties out of over thirty competitors and an eighth place overall finish at Princeton Show Jumping Finals.
Resolution for 2018: My resolution for the 2018 show season is to successfully move up to the 2’6” Hunters and Equitation and compete in the Bobcat Derby at the Monmouth at the Team Horse Show.
How you plan on achieving it: I plan on achieving this goal by continuing to learn as much as I can from my trainers, Bethie and Libby Dayton, at Red Oak Farm, and by riding as often as possible because practice makes perfect.

Vyla Carter

Vyla Carter:

Age/Grade and this past year: During the 2017 summer show season I made the switch from the hunter ring to jumper ring. With it being my last year of high school and most likely last year riding often I wanted to switch to jumpers because I enjoyed it more and found a horse, Louie, that helped me make the switch. While Louie and I have had a blast showing and have had some really great rounds I struggle with having consistently solid rounds.
Resolution for 2018: My 2018 riding goal is to ride more consistently while showing.
How you plan on achieving it: To succeed in this goal I plan to do lots of practicing, this includes doing schooling rounds at shows and also riding different horses. With practice and time I am sure Louie and I can succeed in completing this goal in the upcoming year.

Emily Lucibello

Emy Lucibello:

Age/Grade: Age 14, Freshmen in Highschool.
This Past Year: I have been competing in the 3’6 Medals. Blue and I qualified for the US Medal and Maclay Regionals.
Resolution for 2018: My resolution is to make it past the second Quiz of the Horsemanship Challenge and to stop procrastinating.
How you plan on achieving it: I plan on achieving this by putting my best effort into everything I do, and by putting good use in my time. For example, studying instead of looking through social media.

Erica O’Neil

Erica O’Neil:

Age/Grade: I am 14 years old and a Freshman in Highschool.
This Past Year: These past few months I have been working hard to get my horse, Dealer, back to where he was before he had his eye injury. I have been competing in the Children’s Hunters and some Medals this past year with Dealer and my previous lease horse. I have had multiple championships with Dealer pre-injury and am excited to get back in the ring with him this winter!
Resolution for 2018: My resolution for this year is to continue to work hard to get Dealer back to where he was. This will help him become more confident and will help me build up my trust again in him. I also want to continue to focus on small details including keeping my hands up, keeping my lower leg long and still over the jump, and focusing on my equitation.
How you plan on achieving it: I plan on getting Dealer back to where he was by continuing to work hard during hacks, and lessons. I will work on what has been hard for him (right bends) so he can get better at it. To focus on my equitation and my lower leg, I will improve my lower leg strength by working out and doing more no stirrup work.