TPH Review: RJ Classics Grey Label Breeches


Beige breeches, as far as the eye can see…
Beige breeches, but not a single pair for me.

I have spent a good chunk of the past year trying to find a pair of show breeches that I am happy with. It always seems like they either fit well and ride terribly, or fit badly but offer the right amount of grip. There is a certain point in this journey where you start to wonder if maybe you’re just the wrong shape for breeches. Unfortunately, I don’t think Hunter judges would be very forgiving if I tried to trot into the ring wearing my favorite pair of purple schooling breeches. The most recent stop on my show breech adventure looks to be the final destination: RJ Classics Mid Rise Breech.

Paired with:  EIS Cold Weather Shirt in Eggplant; Ace Equestrian Belt, Dreamers & Schemers/My Barn Child Corgi Boot Socks, One K Defender Helmet.

Paired with:  Essex Classics Talent Yarn, AA MotionLite Jacket, One K Defender Helmet, Fabbri Boots.
Paired with:  Essex Classics Talent Yarn, Ruespari Belt, Fabbri Boots.

Hailing from RJ Classics Gray Label collection, these beauties are made from quick dry fabric with just enough stretch for maximum comfort, but enough structure to keep you looking polished in the show ring. The faux-suede knee patches are sturdy and attractive, with the euro seat and sock bottoms offering a flattering, athletic fit. The mid rise sat at the perfect spot on my natural waist; I have a longer torso, and finding breeches that will keep a shirt tucked in can be a challenge at times. The RJ Classics Mid Rise were the perfect height while still looking modern and stylish.

I opted to try both front and side zip to see which pair offered the best silhouette; and while I prefer a side zip for a sleeker look in the ring, I found the front zip equally flattering. I can’t imagine ever wanting to ride in another brand of breeches, these were such an awesome mix of comfortable and flattering.

Overall, I absolutely loved the fit and look of the RJ Classics Grey Label Mid Rise Breeches. It was a major bonus that they rode as beautifully as they looked! I can’t wait to wear these in the show ring. Luckily for me, they are available in a myriad of colors and either a low or mid rise; which means the RJ Classics Gray Label has the right breeches to fit your personal style for the schooling ring or the show pen.