Equestrian DIY: How to Make a Whip or Crop Holder


This is a super easy project. I made it with spare parts from my garage, so it cost me nothing. You can substitute some equipment for others, but the only thing you really need is a piece of PVC pipe. This whip holder is so easy and cheap, I made two – one for my trailer and one for my tack room.

Supplies Needed:
2′ PVC pipe
PVC pipe cutter (or saw or even a Dremel)
Hot glue gun (or regular glue with some added patience, or super glue)
Black (or other color) spray paint

1. Cut your PVC pipe into 5 even pieces of 3″

Photo courtesy of DIY Horse Ownership

2. Hot glue the pieces together.

Photo courtesy of DIY Horse Ownership

3. Spray paint the whole thing, and let it dry.

Photo courtesy of DIY Horse Ownership

4. Glue to the wall in your tack room/locker.

We glued ours to our tack room door. Insert whips/crops and you’re done.

Photo courtesy of DIY Horse Ownership

The only downside to this type of holder is that it won’t fit some jump bats. If all your crops have wider handles, you could try a 1.5″ PVC pipe and have the handle come through the top. For the cost of free, I’m very happy with this little project.

Olivia blogs at DIY Horse Ownership about her life living in Silicon Valley with her two mustangs and a mule. She and her husband show english and eventing, do endurance and trail riding, and are always finding new ways to DIY. You can follow her adventures at DIY Horse Ownership or on Instagram and see more DIY horse projects on Pinterest.