From Coachella to WEF: The Plaid Horse Pick Six


Each week, Estelle Kraft, will be breaking down The Plaid Horse Pick Six — a weekly wrap up of equine news, great deals, popular blog posts and much more! Tune in every Sunday for six don’t miss things from the previous week.

1. The Plaid Horse – February 2018 – The Stallion Issue

It’s Friday of week 1 of HITS Coachella circuit, and I’m standing by Hunter 2 holding one of our Junior Hunters waiting to show in a warm-up class when I see Piper for the first time in almost a year. She comes up to me and we briefly catch up before she goes off to talk to a trainer about a pony for sale, but before she left she showed me the Stallion issue cover. Not only is there a strong and intelligent woman on the cover, but the issue is so beautifully written. I know I must say that about every issue but seriously, Sissy Wickes’ writing makes me want to become a better writer because I could read it all day long! Make sure you pick up a copy of the newest issue at a horse show near you or read it online!

2. Event Galleries – WEF 1

From Coachella to WEF, it’s been a great few weeks for The Plaid Horse! Intern Irene Powlick won the extremely competitive 16-17 Equitation Flat class, and I was able to see a ton of the action thanks to intern Vyla Carter’s photos. On the TPH website we have a number of photo galleries from horse shows across the country so you can be in the “know” at all times. Also did you know we accept horse show photo albums from across the globe? Want to see your horse show photos featured on our website? Contact The Plaid Horse at Even if you’re taking picture at a local horse show or a national medal finals — we want to see it all!

3. Piper Klemm Ph.D. Publisher’s Note- October/November 2017

I love to read what Piper has to say in each issues’ Publisher’s Note but, time and time again I find myself going back to her message about being bold and saying yes in the October/November 2017 Equitation issue. She talks about the lull that she experienced in her riding and how it inspired her to make a change for herself. Last weekend, I watched Piper walk into the AA Hunter division for the first time, and complete each course with a big smile on her face. This is what inspires me personally to walk into the show ring ready to learn, as Piper did last week.

4. TPH Logo Pad by Rex Blankets and Tablewares

While in the desert, I met the creator of Rex Blankets & Stablewares, Alix Morrison. Alix is a great horseman who had a personal need that she solved with the creation of Rex. She is extremely passionate about her business and creates quality products, which I personally love! Check out the TPH Logo Pad made exclusively for TPH by Alix, you won’t want to miss this steal of a deal on an awesome baby pad.

5. Winter Fashion Trends That Keep Equestrians Warm

It’s really cold – and by that I mean California cold… well, for me at least! In the past month I’ve traveled between HITS Coachella, Park City and everything in-between learning two things – TPH Comfy Wear will save your butt and the TPH team is ready to help you survive this winter. TPH Intern Izzy Feinstein shares winter trends to keep you stylish and warm during these cold months. Make sure you check this blog out so you’re ready to take on the snow (or early morning Coachella hacks!)

“As the temperature drops, stylish equestrians everywhere find themselves with a dilemma. It is time to trade in their fall wardrobe for something warmer, but they do not want to sacrifice their fashion sense. Be prepared for winter’s coldest days and still look trendy in these fashion forward items.”

6. Plaidcast 56 by – View Halloo & USEF Annual Meeting

I’ve been in the car a lot, as I’m sure you have been too if you’ve been traveling back and forth to horse shows or the barn! On the brand new #Plaidcast 56 that came out yesterday, Piper and Sissy talk about the USEF annual meeting as well as chat with Rebecca Gallagher about her new company, View Halloo. View Halloo is a big favorite among the TPH community so it’s great to hear her story! Make sure you listen in!

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