Stories of Personal Challenges and Exciting Opportunities: The Plaid Horse Pick Six


Each week, TPH Media Chair, Estelle Kraft, will be breaking down The Plaid Horse Pick Six — a weekly wrap up of equine news, great deals, popular blog posts and much more! Tune in every Sunday for six don’t miss things from the previous week.

1. Registration Opens for 2018 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, Presented by The Plaid Horse

The Plaid Horse is a company dedicated to the education of equestrians, and we encourage that knowledge is something that never stops growing. The 2018 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, presented by The Plaid Horse is has opened registration as of February 1st. Between now and September 1st, USHJA members ages 21 and under are invited to put their horsemanship to the test. This quiz challenge has different levels dependent on the participants’ scores. Make sure you check out this quiz – some pretty cool prizes and recognition could be won!

“Registration is now open for the 2018 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, presented by The Plaid Horse, at USHJA members, ages 21 and under, are invited to put their horsemanship to the test from now through Sept. 1 for a chance to qualify for HQC Nationals, an in-person, educational horsemanship competition that offers $4,000 in educational grants.”

2. TPH Review: Sakkara Italian Riding Apparel

Look at how darn cute Sakkara’s logo is! I LOVE styling riding clothes and outfits that’ll impress the best of them, and TPH’s Advertising Executive Liz Davoll’s review on the Sakkara riding apparel made me want to break out my credit card and purchase a pair (or a whole outfit!) Each piece in their collection is clean-cut and professional – the look I always go for. Liz’s review makes the apparel sound comfortable enough to lounge around all day in, which is great for any equestrian. Check out Sakkara’s collection through Liz’s review, you won’t want to miss it!

“As I write this review, I’m currently sitting at my breakfast counter in Wellington, FL wearing the Javi breeches. These breeches have become a riding wardrobe favorite since they arrived, because of their smooth material and impeccable fit. Those Italians know how to make a pair of pants!”

3. Bloom Journal: Dr. Piper Klemm/Owner of The Plaid Horse Magazine / Canton, New York

If you cannot tell from most Pick Six blogs, I’m a HUGE fan of TPH’s publisher Dr. Piper Klemm. Piper is one of the kindest and most educated women in the horse industry that you’ll ever meet. Miguel Wilson of Bloom Journal took the time to interview her about all things equestrian – from working to horses and everything in-between. This interview perfectly represents all things Piper. I encourage you to read this great piece about a fabulous woman and role model in our industry.

“With a PhD in Chemistry, Klemm, on paper, appeared to be the last person to take on the task of owning one of the horse world’s most widely read publications, The Plaid Horse. After graduating from the University of California-Berkeley, like a lot of horse lovers, her original interest and love for horses seemed to pull her back. Ever the business woman, in the beginning, she found a way to indulge her passion with a purpose.”

4. Lessons on Life and Goodbyes From a Best Friend

There’s always that one horse that captures your heart whether it’s on the ground, in the saddle or just a quick glance across the barn aisle. As a working student, I often find a new one of these friends monthly as sales horses come in and out of my barn. TPH intern Tori Weed writes “Lessons on Life and Goodbyes From a Best Friend” about Ben, a horse that she leased and fell in love with. Tori’s story is extremely well written and relatable for each and every one of us. You won’t want to miss this fanatic tribute to an equestrian’s best friend!

“He took on young kids and taught them how to jump big jumps, to chill out at horse shows, how to win champion ribbons, how to learn, how to give dorky hugs, and how to smile on their bad days.

He taught them lessons in the saddle, in the show ring, in the barn aisle, in life, and in their hearts. He taught them about life and who they are.”

5. The Equestrian Confidential – Blog

I love a good blog. Blogging can be a great way to foster and build community within the equestrian world. The Equestrian Confidential was created to bring together the community and highlight equestrians in SoCal! This blog is a great way to be more educated from amateurs in the industry!

“The Equestrian Confidential was born from a need for an online space for the huge community of horse show addicted, dedicated, horse loving amateur riders to connect, converse, and come to for tips, tricks, wine recommendations, a good laugh, and a hefty dose of positivity. The EC was created by a dynamic duo of one trainer with a barn full of mildly anxious, hard working, highly social adult riders – and one of those very adult amateurs – both who realized the community was missing a place for everyone to come together (outside of their own barns).”

6. Equitation With Tourette’s: A Young Rider’s Story

Horse back riding is a hard sport even without any obstacles to overcome, TPH Blog Editor Lauren Mauldin explains that in, “Equitation with Tourette’s: a young rider’s story”. This blog showcases Rayna Lipsky, a 9 year old pony rider from Georgia who suffers from Tourette’s. Her storying is inspiring and incredible to read because she is so strong. This is a great read!

“Born with limited hearing in her left ear, she learned to compensate in the show ring by watching what other riders did in flat classes. Her trainer, Paige Ripley, repeats directions multiple times so Rayna can make sure she hears correctly, and recently she’s been fitted for a hearing aid. Despite her difficulties hearing, Rayna is an A & B student and on the honor role in school.”

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