Valentines, Pony Moms and Barn Favorites in the Plaid Horse Pick Six


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1. Equestrian DIY: Valentine’s Day Horse Treats Recipe

Equestrians are loved each and every day by our equine friends, so Valentine’s Day is the PERFECT holiday to spoil them a little bit more than normal! I’m a big believer in DIY and baking, so DIY Horse Ownership’s blog on Valentine’s horse treats got me in my kitchen baking. The recipe they share is easy to follow, and will be great for your horse or pony this Valentine’s Day and every following day in February.

“I got a cute heart-shaped mini muffin pan and my first though was I should make horse treats with this. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I present to you, Valentine’s Horse Treats. These treats are really easy to make and your horse will love them. Even Levi and Eugene who still regard things like apples with suspicion gobbled these down and begged for more.”

2. Existing in the Bubbles That Are Mom, Amateur Owner and Pony Mom

Pony moms – quite possibly the fiercest job of any young equestrian parent. I was once a pony kid and my mom, Monique, was the best pony mom I could have asked for. This week on the TPH blog, we read the personal story of a not only a pony mom, but also an amateur equestrian. This story is extremely well written, and helped me to better appreciate all the work that goes into being a pulled-together horse show mom!

“Then I remember she is a kid and should be a kid, wrong leads and all. I’m quite certain I did the same thing, and turned out just fine. And, god forbid, I tell the child to put her heels down or her eyes up – eyes have never rolled so far in the history of ever, but should the trainer stroll by and whisper “heels down, eyes up,” she snaps to so fast it would make your head spin.”

3. Palm Beach Masters – Photo Galleries

When I applied to be a TPH Intern, almost four years ago, I analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and, photography fell into that weakness category. Once I accepted that I wouldn’t take photos as well as Irene Powlick or Grace Tuton, I started to admire and appreciate the art of photography more. This week’s photo album shot-out goes to TPH Inter Vyla Carter. Not only is Vyla an extremely talented equestrian and photographer but, she is one of the sweetest girls to work with. Vyla took photos at the Palm Beach Masters and you NEED to check them out!

4. A Q&A with Wellesley Equestrian

In the world of social media and Instagram one word comes to each millennial’s mind – aesthetic. When it comes to grooming supplies, I personally have painted a pink stripe on each of my brushes so they can be easily identified but, after reading this blog about Wellesley Equestrian I clearly need to step up my game. These brushes are absolutely gorgeous and I want them ALL. Read the blog, learn about the company, believe in the product and order some – I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

“I first met Carolyn Lavin at the US Pony Finals at the Kentucky Horse Park in August of 2017. Her company, Wellesley Equestrian, was presenting their customized grooming boxes and brushes during the awards ceremony, and I am a huge fan of the grooming box Matthew Burtard graciously gifted to me as a thank you for helping with his adorable small pony, Jennifer Grey.”

5. Five Easy Ways to Be a Barn “Favorite”

As a child I used to walk in my trainers shadow, trying to be just like her in hopes that she would choose me as her favorite lesson kid. I prided myself on how helpful I could be and how often I could make her smile. Today I’m a working student with pretty much the same goals, I like to please people. In TPH Blog Editor Lauren Mauldin’s most recent blog she explains the ways that people do the exact opposite of that and become the kind of “favorite” everyone else avoids. You won’t want to miss this one, trust me!

“You could simply learn the rules of the barn, be polite, courteous and enjoy making friends… Or, you could make a push to become notorious. You know, the rider who’s rude and pushy and problematic and so, so special that everyone clears the ring when they ride.”

6. Continuing Education: NCAA Equestrian

It’s my senior year in high school which means a few things – I’ve been with TPH for almost four years (aka all of my high school career) and I have to start making some tough decisions. Applying to schools across the country was extremely stressful, but now that it’s all over I have to pick one, which also decides the fate of my riding career for the next four years. Do I take a break for riding to focus on the “normal” college student life? Do I ride for an IHSA team? Do I find a barn to ride with outside of school? In this throwback blog, TPH Editor Sissy Wickes explains everything you need to know about the basics of NCAA.

“I have been following the NCAA Equestrian saga, from the promise of its birth as an Emerging Sport in 1998 to the disappointment of sputtering growth – culminating in the 2014 recommendation by the Committee on Women’s Athletics to drop it as a sport. It sadly seemed that the Title IX boost to collegiate equestrian sport had not been fully ignited.”

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