Triple Crown® Awards Louise Serio and El Primero for Equestrian Excellence During Week Four of the Winter Equestrian Festival

Louise Serio and El Primero receiving their Triple Crown Excellence Award during week four of the Winter Equestrian Fesitival.

Above: Louise Serio and El Primero receiving their Triple Crown Excellence Award during week four of the Winter Equestrian Fesitival.


Wellington, Florida (February 13, 2018) – As the Winter Equestrian Festival rode on through Week 4, the best-of-the-best international competitive horses and riders continued to delight crowds with amazing feats of equestrian excellence. Jumping their way to first place in the ((High Performance Hunter class, over 4 foot jumps)), were Louise Serio and the stunning 8-year-old gelding, El Primero. This outstanding performance, in which the pair demonstrated exceptionally good health and fitness, also earned them the Triple Crown Excellence Award. This award is given to a horse-and-rider pair that demonstrates exemplary achievement within the equestrian community, which says a lot when the community consists of the top athletes in the world who have gathered in South Florida for this prestigious show series.

“I thought today was great!” Serio said, “He rode beautifully! The jumps were quite big and the oxers were wide. The vertical going into the two-stride was very vertical and tall and he jumped beautifully,” she described. El Primero is owned and trained by Bryan Baldwin and Meralex Farm. “He tries super hard all the time,” Serio continued about the horse, “He’s very careful and has wonderful scope and style. He just makes you feel like you can ride!”

El Primero’s performance was especially impressive considering he is just coming back into his third year of High Performance after a year and a half off. Serio stated that the impressive bay horse is “the most rideable horse” she’s ever ridden! Because he is doing so well, they look forward to going on with the High Performance and hopefully getting into some of the qualifying horse shows.  

Serio is excited to be taking home Triple Crown’s tri-colored ribbon and an engraved silver platter as a part of the award. She’s looking forward to learning more about how Triple Crown Nutrition can enhance El Premio’s jumping career – at the WEF and beyond.

The Palm Beach International Equestrian Center sets the stage for the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival which runs through the end of March, and offers many more exciting weeks of intense competition. This year’s circuit will offer more than $9 million in prize money throughout the duration of the season, and will feature many of the world’s top internationally ranked riders.

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