James Chawke and Flemis Bouncer Bound to Victory in Valentine’s Day $5,000 1.30M Rising Star Classic

Above: James Chawke and Flemis Bouncer


Wellington, FL (February 15, 2018) – James Chawke was feeling the love during 2018’s Valentine’s Day Turf Tour, where he and the Irish bred Flemis Bouncer bounded over the 1.30M course to rule the week’s $5,000 Rising Star Classic. The spectacular day of show jumping was highlighted by Chawke’s win, along with bald eagle sightings, a busy 1.20M class on the grass in the morning, and .80M-1.10M jump-offs and power & speed rounds running all day in Ring 2. Hosted by The Ridge at Wellington and at their home farm during Valentine’s week, Friday’s continuation of the Turf Tour promises more splendid show jumping including the $15,000 1.40M Turf Tour Grand Prix and wine tasting provided by The Vineyard House!

A relatively new mount for Chawke, of Leinster, Ireland, Flemis Bouncer recently topped an early February 1.20M class during this year’s Turf Tour and shows no signs of slowing the momentum. The game gray gelding galloped to a winning jump-off time of 33.155 seconds, and Chawke says the next steps are to continue to elevate both the jumps and their technique for the Grand Prix. The luck of the Irish held out for Chawke’s countryman Willie Tynan, whose 33.266 second jump-off with the elegant mare Dominique narrowly cut him out of first place in the class with just over a tenth of a second to spare. Samantha Bairs and Italian Gold van de Kruishoeve jumped to third on a time of 35.972 seconds.

“The Turf Tour’s Rising Star Classic is designed to serve as a foundation for advancing riders or new horse and rider pairings, giving them the atmosphere, jumps, and competition to seamlessly transition to the Grand Prix or achieve their own personal goals,” said US Olympian and co-founder of The Ridge and Turf Tour, Nona Garson. “The 1.30M level is such an important time for both horses and riders to develop the skills needed for a successful Grand Prix career. It is at this height that riders must evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of their mount, and learn to apply strategic riding and a focused, competitive mind. Providing a variety of venues, excellent natural footing, and surmountable challenges on course is our way of nurturing these horses and riders and ultimately was the inspiration for the Turf Tour.”

Turf Tour and Palm Beach Series Schedule

Friday, February 16th

Turf Tour at The Ridge at Wellington

14415 Palm Beach Point Blvd, Wellington FL

Ring 1 (grass field):

1.20-1.25M finished by 12pm

$15,000 Turf Tour Grand Prix not before 12pm

Ring 2 (sand arena)

80M 8am-9:15am

.90M 9:25am-10:30am

1.0M 10:40am-12pm

1.10M 12:15pm-1:45pm

1.20M 2pm-4:30pm

Friday Night Lights at Polo West

2470 Greenview Cove Dr., Wellington, FL

5:30pm Start

.90M Open Jumper

Low Children/Adult Jumper Classic

1.10M Open Jumper

$1,000 M&S Children/Adult Jumper Classic

Willie Tynan and Dominique (©EQUINIUM)