Discussing Braids, Breeding and More in the Plaid Horse Pick Six


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1. Bellis Show Jumping Wins at WEF and Not Just in the Ring

I’m a big believer in team work, and riding is no exception. Even though our sport is not a tradition team sport, like soccer or football, the barn mates and horses that we spend countless hours with make up our team. In a press release by WEF this week, we learn a little more about the team that makes up Bellis Show Jumping. The stories of mother/daughter and husband/wife teams were heartwarming to read and made me want to get to the barn to cheer on my teammates in lessons.

‘When asked about the pros and cons of riding together Caelinn replied, “The pros are that we get to be involved in the sport together and have fun as a family. The cons are probably both of us trying to hold our tongues and not telling the other what to do, we usually leave that to Steve.”’

2. Can a Braid Kill Tradition? The Helmet Hair Debacle

Hair up? Hair down? Well personally, I do a little of both depending on which of my helmets I’m wearing. This question of where your hair should be is thought about a lot in our world, but what really is the right answer? In Kimberly Maloomian’s most recent blog, we read more into this unanswered question. After falling and getting a concussion about two months ago, this piece has really helped me think through my helmet needs.

“I actually LOL’d when I read one comment that said a braid was causing a ‘loss of tradition’ in the sport. Anyone who ACTUALLY knows me fully realizes that if any amateur my generation understands tradition, it is a 5th generation horseman (on both sides!) with the last name Maloomian.”

3. TPH Logo Pad by Rex Blankets and Stablewares

Are you preparing for those hot weather days or wanting to do as little laundry as possible? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you need to invest in a Rex Blankets and Stablewares TPH baby pad. Not only is this baby pad incredibly made, but it’s also sleek and chic! These things are flying off our shelves, so get yourself one today.

4. Piper Klemm Ph.D. Publisher’s Note – February 2018

Genes – the little tiny things that make up who we are. In Piper’s most recent Publisher’s Note, we learn about the joy that she personally finds in breeding. Piper is the mom to a fleet of some of America’s most amazing ponies, so clearly she is doing something right.

“Because here’s the thing about Eagle… I have invested in the joy of gene transfer. Have I invested more money into him from conception than he’s worth at the moment? Absolutely. As a hobby, from a joy perspective, have I gotten it back in spades? I get to watch a canter that makes me smile, a face that warms my heart;
I get to interact with the best of personalities. I love this pony.”

5. Artist Feature: Cara Helminski, Equestrian Artist

This week I published a blog about Cara Helminski, an incredible artist that I was able to interview and learn about after seeing some of her beautiful paintings on Instagram. This girl is seriously talented, on and off of a horses back. Learning about her process and favorite things to paint made the interview so interesting, and I really appreciate her taking the time to speak with me!

“My work is a reflection of what I love—a passion for horses and all the beauties of nature. Honoring our deep connection to nature and the earth, I am constantly striving to bring more vibrant beauty to every piece I create.”

6. The Great Charity Challenge – Event Galleries

I love a good costume class, just like many other equestrians. They’re exciting and entertaining! TPH Intern Emy Lucibello was at WEF earlier this month, and captured some great pictures from their costume class. With the difficult lighting at night and flashy costumes Emy did a great job capturing the light-heartedness of this class!

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