2018 The Plaid Horse Intern and Ambassador Talent Search


Join the TPH team!

We are officially launching our 2018 Intern and Ambassador search! This is YOUR opportunity to work with North America’s Premier horse show magazine!  Many TPH interns go on to be accepted at some of the finest colleges, work with some of the industry’s leading trainers and create relationships with the finest brands!


Interns assist the magazine in production by contributing content we can use across all of our platforms! Open to high school and college students. We are looking for interns in a variety of areas, including:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Graphic art
  • Digital music composition
  • Sketching and cartooning
  • Video editing
  • On-camera interviewing
  • Have a unique skill we could use?  Let us know about it!

To apply: Email a cover letter, resumé, all of your social media links, and portfolio (samples of your work) to ambassadors@theplaidhorse.com. Interns need to use Facebook to be considered for our program. Applications must also include a letter of reference from two of the following: Teacher, professor, trainer, employer, clergy or executive from an equestrian organization you belong to (Pony Club, breed group, etc).

Style Editor Bethany Lee, and TPH Interns Annie Birmingham & Izzy Feinstein


Rep the magazine on social media! Open to junior riders. Being a TPH ambassador is an incredible way to learn how social media works, from a professional perspective, while being mentored by a fun group of peers and industry leaders. Ambassadors need to use Facebook to be considered for our program.

To apply: Email a cover letter and resumé, including ALL Of your social media links to ambassadors@theplaidhorse.com

APPLICATIONS: Please send all applications to ambassadors@theplaidhorse.com. We look forward to seeing your portfolios!!!

*SOME FINE PRINT: Internships and ambassadorships are for one year, but may be renewed for successful team members. Internships and ambassadorships are not paid positions. They are fantastic opportunities for young riders to develop their skills, connect with industry leaders and build their professional portfolios. Codes of conduct will apply. Please know your discipline, circuit or breed guidelines, regarding professional affiliations. The Plaid Horse magazine is respectful of USEF guidelines regarding amateur status. We are pro-helmet and anti-bullying and we expect you to be too.