Internationally Successful Jumper Rider Laura Chapot Racks up the Wins at This Year’s Winter Equestrian Festival, Earns Triple Crown® Excellence Award

Above: Laura Chapot receives the Triple Crown Excellence Award during the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival.


Wellington, Florida (February 22, 2018)—The Winter Equestrian Festival is currently in full swing, hosting top-tier equestrians from all over the nation. Triple Crown Nutrition, a company that is dedicated to developing superior feeds for hard-working equine athletes, is on the lookout for standout competitors deserving of the Triple Crown Excellence Award, an honor given to riders who exemplify the ideals of dedication, achievement, and notable contributions within the equestrian community. During week six of the 12-week show circuit, the company found an outstanding recipient in Laura Chapot, a talented and supremely dedicated trainer from Neshanic, New Jersey with a barn full of horses in tow to compete at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

Partnering in Florida this season with Chapot are 16 horses, including a few for her customers. “We come to WEF from January through the beginning of April,” she explained. “Unfortunately, we have to experience a little bit of that bitter cold beforehand, but it just makes us appreciate being down here all the more!”

Beginning week one of the Winter Equestrian Festival, Chapot, one of the most active riders on the Grand Prix circuit, piloted no less than 12 mounts in a variety of classes, putting in some spectacular rounds. Ranging from the Schooling Jumper 1.25m class to the $6,000 1.40m Speed Challenge, Chapot’s name has flashed brightly on the leaderboard more than once so far this winter show season. On just the third day of competition, Chapot and Out of Ireland out placed a very large field of 91 entries to win the $6,000 Bainbridge 1.40m Speed Challenge. And then aboard Umberto, Chapot finished first in the $2,500 1.35m class among a group of 52 entries.

The showing momentum, for Chapot, hasn’t slowed much in subsequent weeks of the Winter Equestrian Festival competition as the show ring veteran intends to defend her title as Leading Open Jumper Rider. During week six, she piloted Cybel II in the FEI $6,000 Bainbridge 1.40m and the FEI $35,000 Hollow Creek 1.50m Classic. Aboard ISHD Dual Star, she took on several more classes, including the FEI $132,000 Grand Prix CSI 3*.

“We have a great group here,” Chapot commented. “It’s nice to have so many horses to show because we like to give them all a little bit of time off. So if we can alternate them then I always have something to go into the ring. It’s a lot of work, but it goes fast, and when you enjoy what you do it’s not so hard.”

“I think everyone always likes competing in the Grand Prix,” she added. “We are still looking for a great placing there, but we have won a lot of classes and the horses have been going great and that’s really the most important thing. The winning comes second, and for sure just the competing and going well and doing your best; that’s the most important part.”

To keep all of the horses in her care feeling and jumping their best, Chapot has been feeding Triple Crown for several weeks now and is pleased with the results. “They are looking really good, they are performing well, and we hope that continues into the future. We are going to start with the forage, I believe, in the next few weeks and hopefully it will just add to that success,” she said. 

When asked about future aspirations and what she would like to achieve at this year’s Winter Equestrian Festival, which runs through April 1, Chapot said, “It’s nice to have goals, but I don’t like to set definite ones because when you are dealing with horses unexpected things happen. I always am looking towards every horse improving and doing their best every time they go out, so as long as I see improvement and they keep moving forward, then I am happy.” To see more follow this link

Triple Crown was impressed with Chapot and rewarded her with the Triple Crown Excellence Award, which includes a beautiful tri-colored ribbon and an engraved silver tray. As a company that is committed to high-end equine nutrition, Triple Crown appreciates all the effort that goes into successfully campaigning a barn full of top equine athletes. Triple Crown will continue to highlight worthy competitors throughout the Winter Equestrian Festival, which features many of the world’s top internationally ranked riders and offers more than $9 million in prize money. 

Triple Crown Nutrition believes that the secret to success at the highest levels of competition begins with a superior feeding program. Based in Wayzata, Minnesota, Triple Crown is a leading producer of top quality feeds formulated for the performance horse. The company was the first to add prebiotics, probiotics, and organic minerals to horse feed, and produces the very best in equine nutrition with revolutionary, fixed formulations and premium quality ingredients.

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